Playstation 2: Local paper top prices?

In Monterey, California, the newspaper has an ad for one for $3,000.

Most are $800-$900.00 in our paper.

Anyone STUPID enough to buy a PS2 for 3 grand is in need of severe medication.

Wow. I saw a flyer stuck to a telephone pole advertising one for $600 and I thought that was laughable. Are people really that impatient?

I have here in my hand last Sunday’s (December 2) Best Buy circular (the downstate Illinois edition). I look all the way through it. I see nothing called a Playstation 2. I turn to the Saturday afternoon Playstation group directly behind my right shoulder, here in the dining room, and inquire as to “huccome?” The group gives me a big horselaugh and Bonzo explains in patronizing tones, “Mom, Best Buy sold out of them in like 30 minutes. They even sold the ones they weren’t supposed to sell until, like, later on. They won’t get any more in until February.” The group returns to their Crash Team Racing, rolling their eyeballs at my stupendous ignorance.

To answer the OP, where we are, a Playstation 2 is, quite literally, priceless.

I’ve seen them in the classified section for ~$550 iirc.


Would YOU want to disappoint YOUR kid come Christmas???

      • Did the PS2 get recalled for being defective? A couple days before it was released in the US, some people said it was, but I saw nothing in the newspapers. I figured it for a UL to try to discourage would-be buyers - something about the controllers not working right. I looked around on a few news sites over the next couple of days and none of them said anything about it being defective. Considering the big deal the local newspapers made out of all the people lining up at 3 AM to try to buy one, I’d have thought they’d have said something about it not working right. Some local yokels are saying it works fine, others said that it was recalled. Who’s the idiot? - MC

Why not try the prices on e-bay?

Up to $9,000 !!

AFAIK, it works like a dream. The problem is the supply doesn’t even come close to the demand.

I haven’t heard anything about a recall.

I was lucky enough to get one on October 26th because I snuck in on a preorder, and the machine is worth every penny of 300 dollars, being a DVD player, CD player and playing both Playstation and Playstation 2 games!!!

However, whether it’s worth 2 to 3 times that…well, that’s debatable.

The local rock station is having a contest “What would you do for a Playstation 2?”…might be kinda fun to go gloat at those people acting like asses, when all I had to do was pay money :wink:

My best bet would be to get a PS2 search bot and look online…they annoy the hell out of the retailers, putting mass hits on their sites, but well…if they weren’t so secretive about when they put the damn things on, it wouldn’t happen, now would it? The bot is at Good luck, and of course, if anything goes wrong, I fully disclaim everything and deny any knowledge of your existence :wink:

Well, I suppose if I were foolish enough to promise a gift that I knew would be hard to find, I’d probably do a little extra work to get it. But I certainly wouldn’t pay more just to get it now when I know full well they will be on the shelves shortly after Christmas.

My kids would think that was pretty stupid, too. If I gave them the option of having a Playstation2-plus-one-game now or a Playstation2-plus-a-bunch-of-games later (using the money I saved by waiting a few months) I’m pretty sure I know which one they would pick.

I remember this same scenario with the Tickle Me Elmo dolls a couple years ago. It’s really sad that people would think this is a reasonable choice to make.

Perhaps I don’t give kids the credit they deserve :). The games they have right now are ok, but in a few months they’ll be much, much better…as programmers become more familiar with the technology, they can do bigger and better things with it! (by the end of the system’s life, which I think they’ve predicted at about roughly 2005-2006, they’ll have squeezed every last inch out of the processors and need to move on to better technology)

Sony is saying that production will be back to full by March…don’t know whether to believe em or not, seeing as I think that this shortage may be just a BIT artificial.

The day the PS2 came out, I just peered around ebay to see how stupid some people were.

I saw a finished PS2 auction.

The highest bid was $15,000.

Colin Wilkinson, ebay is full of fake bidders. Thats why those with no feedback have glasses next to them. On Oct 28th there were about 17,000 psx2 auctions, yesterday there were about 650.

Those with no picture get no bids usually as do those with no feedback.

I do have mine there with a pretty picture of it on the desk & the receipt too but no bids yet for $535.00 I think. But tomorrow night when its about to close & its near the top, it should sell.

And what purpose would this serve for Sony? They don’t benefit from having other people sell it for a couple G’s.

Who’s to say that they don’t have a few of em up there on EBay???

Besides, Sony is benefiting because sales of their new PSone (a miniature Playstation) are way beyond their wildest dreams. Parents can’t get a PS2, so they buy their children the little PSone instead. Not to mention that all those news stories on TV were certainly good publicity and probably made even more people want em!

Rugbyman, good point. I’m skeptical about the idea of Sony putting individual units up on eBay. I think that the company could make much more money by having more available. I wouldn’t rule out a couple of Sony employees putting a couple up for personal benefit though.