Word 2007 question

In the past few days I have sent Word files from my office computer It uses Word 2000. Both recipients have Word 2007 and said they could not open these files.

Is Word 2007 not backwards compatible with Word 2000?

Is there something I could have done different.

FTR, The files I sent were converted from report files that are ONLY located on the office computer. They cannot be sent in native format.

Thanks in advance.

word 2007 is backwards compatible.

Are you sending .doc files?

Does your work have some kind of encryption?

What is the error message?

And just to make sure - you are saving as word 97-2003, right?

The files are .doc files and will open on my laptop which also runs Word 2000.

The only option on office computer is save as “word document”…no version is noted.