Word to describe learning disability w/ numbers

The word “dyslexic” is used to describe someone who has difficulties with words.

What is the word to describe someone who has a problem with numbers? And are there any studies to show that this disorder is as common as dyslexia?


Look down the page.

I realize it is too late now, but I actually had an answer to this question too. But for some reason I couldn’t get on to the boards. Anyways, I saved it, and now I shall paste it here:

My unabridged dictionary gives acalculia as the condition of not being able to do arithmetic equations. Personally, I would think it would be “dysnumeria”. Now, if someone were to enter either word into a search engine or just look it up, they may get something.


BTW, “dyscalculia” was the first entry I found. But the dictionary gave me a cross reference to “Acalculia”. I still don’t know though. They both refer to problems with math, not numbers. Is that necessarily the same thing. Hmmm…

I don’t know.
I can’t balance my checkbook. :wink: