This was going to be a rant, but I’m not really vitriolic enough about the whole thing.

In case anyone is confused, “word” as a simple, one word affirmative to something. It is used in much the same way as “Right on!” or “Dude, I totally agree, yo,” or perhaps “Yes, that is quite accurate and you are totally hip.”

Now, maybe I’m just noticing it more, but in the last 2 days I’ve have seen “word” used on this board THREE TIMES! I post on another band fan-board where it is used almost constantly, even by the members of the band and the moderators and it drives me crazy. It’s not so much that “word” is a bad word; it is rather handy, I suppose. It’s simply that it’s used so much, often as the only thing in a post after a quoted message, and furthermore, it makes no freakin’ sense whatsoever!!!

takes a deep breath

So, is it just me, or is this board being infected? have I just started noticing it, or is there a reason for this sudden popularity? :frowning:

You said it.

[Insert New Neologism for Street Talk and Generalised Male Bonding Through Positive Affirmation Here]

Well, I should have predicted that would happen. Good thing you got it over with quickly. :wink:

Shh Tanaqui! If you pay it no attention it’ll go away. The word that is, not Rabid Squirrel, whom I’m sure is lovely, though being rabid maybe… No no, a lovely person I’m certain. And you know I mean the word ‘Word’ right? Not The Word as in word of god, 'cause that’s not going anywhere soon either. Ya know, don’t pay any attention to me either. See I’m gone now too.

“Word”? Are you serious? That is sooooo 1985. Looks like it’s making a comeback. That’s OK with me.

However, I don’t think I’ve heard “bee-otch” for at least a week, so maybe that one is finally dead.

Thank God.

It’s “wurd,” bee-atch.

I use it all the time!

But I prefer to say it in Spanish. “Palabra.”

Or when emphatic: “Palabra a su madre.”

Wouldn’t “mamá” be better in this context?

From what I hear, it doesn’t make sense either way.

Every native Spanish speaker to whom I’ve uttered this phrase has, in turn, graced me with an extremely puzzled look.


That’s okay. If I had said it, I probably would have mixed up the words “palabra” and “pelota.” I think I’d be lucky to get a puzzled look in that case!


Morpheme to your maternal parent!