Wordpress updates

A friend of mine is having trouble updating his Wordpress blog to v. 3.0.5. Here’s the error message he keeps getting;

Help? Not sure what’s happening.

sounds like a permission error, not particular to v3.0.5. here’s an example http://wordpress.org/support/topic/automatic-upgrade-to-271-problem

All plugins should be disabled during an upgrade.
( Then re-enabled, either one by one or en masse: the latter generally works, but if an error displays then one has to disable the offending plugin. If one can’t access the control panel, a plugin can be disabled by removing it through FTP [ usually in ~/wp-content/plugins/ ]. ) Akismet is a plugin just like any other.
The automatic Wordpress upgrade system naturally does this and closes the site during the process.
Bur as fubbleskag says, if it’s a permissions problem FTP to the site and adjust the permissions of the Akismet folder to 755. But keep all plugins disabled during a WP upgrade ( obviously, not during an upgrade for an individual plugin: in that case just disable the particular plugin during the process. )