Words found in low-end motel names

Oh did you say that.:slight_smile:

My brain has been going foggy again.

How about “motor”?

I’d say “Airport” for this thread only if the hotel is not in fact located on the airport grounds. The ones actually at airports are usually at least bland-corporate nice (and cost like they’re a step nicer than they are, of course).

“American owned”* is* code for “white owned”.


They must date back to the early 1960’s-that was when color TV was a big deal. If the establishment has signs this old, imagine what the rooms are like!
There used to be an old hotel in Quincy, MA (The Dolphin Inn). It was demolished in the 1990’s-the place looked lie 1960 inside (avocado shag rugs, faux-Danish-Moder furniture, etc.)and they had that RCA Color TV signs!


As in the “Silver Saddle” in Springfield, MO.