Words that you have trouble pronouncing

Wafted. It’s pronounced like Raft-ed. I always want to say, waif-ted.

Sword. S-word. (instead of Sord) This is one I always trip over. Call it a brain fart.

Anonimity - gets me everytime.

lithe - for the longest time, I said “lith-ay”. sigh

We mock my friend for not being able to say marmalade (mommalade), ambulance (ambuhlance), and catastrophe (ca… tah… ca… tah… disaster).

Entrepreneur. I stumble over it all the time.

I have trouble with French words that end in “isation” e.g. “mondialisation”, “association”, “démocratisation”, etc. I’m always tripping over them. I was at an NDP provincial meeting and I had to say those words like three or four times each.

Anomoly. Luckily this word doesn’t pop up too much during normal conversation.

Liberal. Say it too many times, and it feels DIRTY rolling off the tongue. It’s like its own tonguetwister!
And I’m not making this political, I consider myself liberal.


Regularly–I always get it out, but it sound like I’ve got a mouth full of marbles. One too many syllables, I guess.

Mine is a combo of two words:

“Spread Spectrum”

As you can imagine it comes out in so many ways. schpread spuctrum, spread spoatrum or any other things you can think of. I am not sure why the two words mess me up but they do. I have honestly almost said spread scrotum…techology and body parts…OY.


I keep pronouncing it magnific. I have to say it repeatedly before I get it right. Good thing I don’t use the word alot.

horseradish. It always comes out horshradish. Grrrrrrr!

Subliminal :smiley:

I have so many words that just don’t come out right. You should try listening to me talk. Anything with more then three syllabuls is bound to get messed up somehow. That is just the way it it. sigh.


Half my brain says “al-bite.” The other half says, “Huh? That’s not right.”

Single hardest word to pronounce in the english language is SIXTHS.

To this day I read epitome as epy-tohm.

Can’t pronounce ancillary correctly the first time, for the life of me.

When I was younger, I couldn’t stop at the right time when saying the American pronunciation of aluminum. It always came out as aluminuminumi…, you get the idea.

I have trouble with “writhe” – I want to rhyme it with “myth.” And I frequently mispronounce the city of Decatur – I want to say DECK-a-tur.


but I have had an interesting life…

I somehow turn tangential into tangenital. And conspicuous into conspicious.

crepuscular. After a lot of false starts, I’ll revert to “active at dusk and dawn.”

Speaking of French, I always have trouble pronouncing the “r” in words like “parle.” I must’ve spent weeks practicing that word so it didn’t sound like I was gagging on a spoon. I finally resigned to the fact that I will always have a strong English accent. My tongue was not designed with French in mind.

The English word I always seem to have trouble with is “cumulative.” I usually forget a syllable somewhere so it comes out sounding like “cumulive” or “cumative.”