Words you hate people using

What are words you hate people using? Mine are:

Nice- When used to describe a person, I find ‘nice’ to be a very weak adjective. I guess because of the association of ‘nice’ guys, I find the word to be very two faced. On the surface people think “moderately good”, but i’ve found people use nice when they cant think of anything specific about the person they like or respect. Personally I believe the significance of a compliment is based on how specific it is. describing someone as ‘generous’ instead of just ‘nice’ for example. Nice is a watered-down, lukewarm tea of a word, a cheap, uncreative wedding gift, the trophy they give the last place competitor for ‘trying’.

Mean- This is another vague word I dislike. Many times people will describe someone as ‘mean’ when subjected to constructive criticism. At some point in our lives we have to come to realize we are not some Special Snowflake, and part of that revelation comes from people in our lives who knock us down a peg. Since the person giving the criticism is well-meaning, it might be hard for a person to articulate why they dont like what they are hearing. People often use ‘mean’ at individuals who are telling/doing something we dont want or cannot accept. When they are doing something genuinely mean-spirited, its better and easier to use something more specific (rude, sadistic, spiteful, ignorant, etc)

Foot - How long is that 2X4? It’s about 3 foot. No, it’s 3 feet. I know, it’s a common convention. It still sounds wrong to me.

Seen - Do I even have to explain this one? You didn’t seen anything.

I have to agree with nice, although I particularly loathe when it is used by someone to dismiss what the the other person is saying. For instance, you’re telling a co-worker something and they reply “thats nice”, and immediately change the subject. The same goes for assholes who use “uh hu” and “yeah” in the same manner.

Like: “So this dude was all like ‘man, you should seen this chick…’”

“Don’t mess with that dog, or he’ll just like, rip your face off”.

I am very annoyed by people using the word utilize instead of use. Simply unnecessary.

I notice a common pitfall with resumes is stuff like this. People try to fluff up their accomplishments with flowey language, and just end up coming off vague.

I hate to hear people using the “n” word or other racially shocking words. There’s just no need for bad language.

“Loose” when they mean “lose”.


Salve. Ointment, cream, unguent, lotion; I can handle any of those. But “salve” just riles me up.

stabby - when i hear that i get all well you know

Pop as a verb. As in: Just pop it in the oven.

Bubbly as a description of a young woman. Usually “she’s bubbly” means we couldn’t think of anything good about her and she’s kind of loud.

Socialist - since most people use it to mean “scary thing the other party is proposing” instead of what it actually means.

defensed - often used in sports to described the act of defending. However, there’s already a perfectly good word which means the same thing.

Proactive- This buzzword has always annoyed me.

Moot- I often see this word used to mean the opposite of what it means.

Spendy - Use expensive instead please.

Comfy - Use comfortable instead please.

Guesstimate - Use guess or estimate instead please.

Dude/man/bro - Use friend, buddy, sir, or Drew instead please.

I dislike orientated instead of oriented.

Literally. No, you didn’t literally explode when you heard it. I rarely hear anyone use this one properly.

Along these lines-“retarded” used to denigrate an idea or non-cognitively impaired person.

Greta Van Susteren grates on me every time she says ‘normalicy’ instead of the correct normalcy or normality.

I don’t mind moot too much, but it is very common for me to hear it is a ‘mute’ point, and that makes me nuts.

Well, two words: “Aren’t I?”