Words you LIKE hearing

Well, to branch off in the opposite direction of another thread here…what words/phrases do you enjoy hearing or that yoou think are fun too say?

Personally, I like the words “Smock” and “Burgle”…I love saying them, and they are almost never used in sentences.

Or almost any odd vocabulary word…if its used correctly and offhandedly. Not a snotty “I aced the SAT’s and do a lot of crossword puzzles” sort of use, just using an uncommon word because its appropriate and the user doesn’t see how uncommon it really is.

And nicknames, but that’s more of a warm-fuzzy feeling. (One of my favorites is being called katidid. But nevermind…)


It’s got a neat sound to it. Just say it. Suuuuccuuuubuuuus!


Suck A Bus? Now THAT’S a mental image . . .

Personally, I favor ‘You’ve just won 1 million dollars!’

Oh God, I’m cumming!!

I probably shouldn’t have said that here. Bad, bad, Shayna. Go to your room until you can behave with a modicum of decency and respect.


Uh Shayna. I think I’m gonna have to pay a visit to one of those specialty stores and get you a toy. LOL

BTW, just to stay on topic. I really like to hear:

–buy whatever you want

–lets go out for dinner


–it’s free

Now I’ve been honored with Shayna having an orgasm in one of my threads! Hot damn, I’ve been getting lucky lately.

Anything else, Shayna?

And, um…what EXACTLY are you planning on DOING in your room??


As for me:

All the words that Beavis and Butthead giggle at.



“The check’s in the mail.”

“You were right. I should have known better than to question you.”

“Defendant has been found innocent. Baliff, release him.”

“The test results came back negative.”

“Not THAT pussy. MINE.”

“As a matter of fact, I AM a nymphomaniac!”

My personal vote for the coolest word that exists…

I make every effort to work it into every conversation I can, but as hard as it my be to believe, it just doesn’t fit in very many contexts.

I love on space documenterys where they talk about “tranquility base” . I just love the sound of that- not jargony at all. Almost poetical

My favorites are;

Thank you
I’m sorry
It’s not your fault
I love you


“Don’t worry about that, we will take care of it.”

and they actually do and you don’t hear any more of the problem. :slight_smile:

Better yet, go to my room and let Mrs. O and I deal with you for a while. :smiley:

“Yes” and “Again”, if used in the proper context. Like Shayna demonstrated.

ooh oh ooh!!!

I love the word

i love the words fuck and me, especially when used consecutively, the word luscious is very luscious for me, love, is my all time favorite word though, i just love it. i enjoy the word colour, but not color, and daemon, but not demon,and i especially like the word bold. All of these words sound very nice to me when spoken by someone with a New Yorican accent as well, i find that boldly luscious. :smiley:

I must say Shayna is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

I like the word “mellifluous”.

Monster104, did you see the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where they were doing some painting, and C & H were both wearing smocks? Some argument between them ensued as usual (I believe it had to do with Hobbes’ not taking the painting seriously), and at the end Hobbes was saying, “I just like saying the word smock. Smock smock smock smock smock.”

Oh… and for pure silliness, I LOVE the word snarf :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, in the course of a tirade this weekend, I used the word “jackanape”. That got some interesting looks, to say the least.