Words you really hate

There are two words I really don’t like the sound of. Coincidentally, they’re both related to school, which I also don’t like. They are:

They sound like off-key singing. shudder

What words do you hate?

EEECCCCHHHH!!! So creepy sounding! Ick! Ick! Ick!

Respect - whenever I hear someone say it now, it just seems really, really tacky. “You should show me some respect” sounds too forced and corny.

Honour - as above.

Asked - just because I CAN NOT pronounce it… comes out assed…

Guesstimate because it’s NOT A FUCKING WORD!!!

“Actuate.” Don’t ask me why, 'cause I don’t know.


If it’s not a word, how did you know how to spell it? :slight_smile:

Normally I grow to hate words (or phrases) I see too often in the writing of coworkers. Individual, assure, impact, and prior to are in my semantic doghouse at the moment.

“Both”. Not saying it, but writing it and seeing it.

Uh-huh. . .

Diva - One of the most over used words right now, so much so that IMHO it has lost all meaning.

What I really dislike is mangled words - like ‘axed’ for ‘asked’ and such.
Of course, the wondrous pronouncements of our fearless misleader, such as ‘nucular’ and ‘strategery’ are hilarious…

Althea really hates the word ‘moist’ as well, and the word ‘panties’

I contemplated calling my musical side project the ‘The Moist Panties Experience’ :eek: but she threatened unspeakable damage to my anatomy and ego, so that didn’t happen…

I hate the word “whatever”. Why not just give me the finger. Sheesh!

Utilize. It has the same meaning as “use,” except it’s longer. Plus it’s annoying to look at.

“Panties” and “moist” are pretty commonly hated words, especially by women I’ve talked to regarding words they hate.

Pamphlet. I have no real reason for not liking this word, I just don’t.

I also hate specific, but that’s because my mouth likes to add an extra syllable to the beginning of it.

I hate the word awesome only because it has been so overused the last few years.

Examine this.

It means:a view based on evidence, and it also means a view accepted without the need for evidence.


Do you know how much confusion & philosophical error this must have created! :mad:

Kind of like “cleave” which can mean to join things together, or to separate them. I wouldn’t say I hate that word, but now that I brought it up, I’m sure someone does.

<b>Utilize</b> and <b>crispy</b>, a pair of useless, overblown words that purport to replace simple, pleasant words of one syllable (<i>use</i> and <i>crisp</i>).

There is no word that I dislike more than “orientated”. Why add the extra syllable??!! “Oriented” isn’t good enough?