Work Like a Dog-A Mundane Mutt Post

You get to sleep til 7:30, doggieb? Mine think 5:30 is sleeping in. :stuck_out_tongue: Everything else is pretty much right on the money, though. Be glad you only have one so there is no tag-teaming. Their nemesis is the UPS driver. For a while there, Mr. Anachi was getting lots of deliveries and the driver thought it was great fun to give the doorbell a good ol jab and chuckle at the resultant audio balistics. I am not kidding. You could actually see him grinning as he drove off.

bobbio, could you send some of the leftovers through the CD drive? Thanks.

drae, that little fella bears some very suspicious resemblence to a Border Collie. Erm, good luck. :wink:

I made the chicken with vodka sauce recipe that somebody wrote about in the cooking tips thread in CS. I sauteed the chicken with some garlic and used sauce and pasta from this brand. It was very good!

My department head and team leader are back from the Dominican Republic. TL brought me some Cafe Molido. She says it’s nummy. I will try it tomorrow.

Work beckons. (I tried to ignore it but, well…)


We did about a 5 mile bike ride this weekend, which left me so tired it was all I could do to walk The Doofus Dog [sup]TM[/sup] (Jasmine) for her walk. Fortunately, Miss Ladybug didn’t seem too interested in her walk. They have the back yard for poopin’ in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the puppy, Drae!

I think there’s going to be a new addition to the taxi/KeithT home this week too, but it’s going to be of the hamster variety. We’re just waiting for the arrival a tank cover that adapts a 10-gallon tank to Habitrail stuff. Once that shows up, we’ll get the tank, a wheel, and a little hamster. Yay! I’ll post pix once we have our new addition.

I’m hoping that Lily (our cat) doesn’t get too pissed about this because it’s a small critter and will be staying far away from her. Hopefully she’ll just ignore the little beasty. We’ll of course keep them separated when we’re not home but we’d like to know that if Lily does get into the office where the hamster will live that she won’t be overly interested in the big glass cage.

I came down with Teh Sick yesterday. I was fine in the morning, went to church, did some work, had lunch, called some people (No one was home! What’s up with that? Don’t people just sit around and wait for me to call??), and everything was dandy. Then all of a sudden I sneezed a couple times and my sinuses just got all congested. Slight sore throat. Ugh. Who gave me Teh Sick?? I demand you take it back!

Our mailman in New Orleans, who walked his route, used to think it was fun to tap on the living room bay window to get the dogs all freaked out. That worked until the day when Isaac managed to knock the entire window out of its frame and get outside. :eek: He didn’t hurt the mailman, thank heavens, but not only did Papa Tigs have to do some major repairs to the window, the mailman decided that game wasn’t quite as much fun as he’d first thought, for some strange reason. :smiley:

Our regular FedEx man plays the game of trying to sneak up to the door and drop packages off without alerting the Bark Monsters. He’s very good at it, but only because his truck brakes don’t squeak, unlike our New Orleans FedEx guy’s truck, who couldn’t sneak if his life depended on it because of his noisy truck. Stoopid dogs!

What a cute MMP, dogbutler! Drae, your new doggie is sooooooooo cute! I wanna dog. :frowning:

Day 1 of Spring “Break.” I should do my laundry, then hustle ass to the library to read at least one article today. Happy Monday y’all!

Please don’t hate me. I’m off today! No scheduled appointments! (not by choice, but I called everyone that I need to schedule and no one wanted an appointment today!) I cannot remember the last time I had an unintentional day off. I know for the last 6 months, I have been booked at least 9-10 days in advance.

I’m going to work on my world travel map. I’ve made 3 categories.

  1. Places I have lived (12)
  2. Places I have visited more than once or stayed more than one day (55)
  3. Places I have been (29 )
    Trying to decide what color to make the pins

Oh, yes, the truck. :rolleyes: The UPS truck rolls down our street pretty much every night and the wee Messican dog nearly turns herself inside out running it off.

Speaking of dogs. The dog (and CAT) food recall is up to over 40 brands each now. There’s a web site with the list but I haven’t been able to get on it yet. This is really scary!

Ah, the life of a dog. I pity their hectic schedule almost as much as our cats.

So I’m off and enjoying my vacation. Not that I have a whole hell of a lot of relaxation time; tomorrow my dad comes by for some computer troubleshooting and stuff. Wednesday through Thursday I have to renew my health card (long overdue), MindWife has an appointment with her shrink, and then comes more troubleshooting, repair, stuff like that with a friend of ours who’s coming down from Newmarket and staying the night. And at various points this week I have to do my taxes.

Drae - Adorable beagle! He looks like he’s got more beagle than basset in him.

squeals like a thirteen-year-old at an NSync concert PUPPEEZ! :smiley: Excellent choice of OP topic, Doggio. And Maggie’s schedule has quite the regality to it. (I’m sure she expects nothing less.) It sounds very oddly like my late dog’s did, 'cept Blitzen’s day usually involved much less strolling and much more attention-hogging.

Your new pup is absolutely adorable, Drae! I imagine retraining and getting acquainted with a pet that’s been schuffled around so much will definitely be stressful at first, especially for the dog; make sure you give him lots of attention and reassuring pets, make sure he’s comfortable. I imagine it’s much like a child in foster care; not being given committed, loving care for so long, receiving it now is even more important to their development and mental/emotional health.

Since I forgot to mention it last week, welcome to the MMP, Drake! Good to hear from you again (however indirectly it might be).

Oh yes, forget to mention – I’m back, everyone! :slight_smile: As Ali mentioned earlier, he finally set up the new account a couple days ago. I’m definitely enjoying this spiffy new “member” title. I feel very official now.

Which reminds me, Saturday night involved tending to a rather ill Ali–stress and one too many appletinis apparently don’t have very good side effects. I would like to say, however, that he is adorable when slightly tipsy, and that I rather enjoyed taking care of him, being his knight in shining armor for an evening. :wink: (Though technically, it was more of a nurse’s role than a knight, but I prefer to invoke the image of me riding a galloping horse and carrying a huge sword.)

I would like to add, also, that I am fully ready for this semester to be over. As much as I’ve enjoyed my first year of college experience so far, there’s been one too many changes for me to be smoothly sailing through it all. Just a few weeks ago, I learned that my parents are moving out of their house–the house I have lived in since I was six, up until last fall–and that I will most likely never step foot in that house again. I spent most of spring break packing up all of my little trinkets and saying goodbye to the days when my neighborhood friends would randomly come over at midnight and ask me to go stargazing with them. Thus, plus a thousand other stressful factors, is just wearing me thin.

But I’d rather end this on a positive note, so… Yay for puppies! :smiley:

meli’s a member now!! Whoot!! :smiley:

Hi, 'meli! Congrats on becoming a member! :slight_smile:

Am doing my laundry as we speak, and enjoying a nice cuppa chai before heading off to the library, where I shall pretend to do work for a few hours.

Add us to the list of concerned dog owners with a dozen empty dog food cans in the recycle bin. :eek: There’s supposed to be a website where you can look up by UPC and/or datecode, but needless to say, the server’s slammed. Fortunately, she was not fond of the “cuts and gravy” stuff that seems to be the primary focus of the recall.

Yesterday was a 10-load day. Towels, pants, shirts, sheets, garb, on and on…

The TV gig went well. We netted somewhere around $24,000 for the evening, and I apparently got a sizeable amount of airtime. The cute little bear who does the prompter was making discreet goo-goo eyes, and the cameraman stepped right into things when he asked the Queen if she could fake it if he needed it. He meant “pretend to be taking a call” if things were slow, but you just can’t hand 24 Faire participants a straight line like that and not expect pandemonium.

I’m now waiting with growing impatience for someone to buy my old TV. I have a buyer all set up and they’ve expressed repeated desire, but haven’t been able to round up strong friends to move the beast. Once the thing is gone, and cash is in hand, it’ll be off to wood world to buy a forest of oak to make a built-in wall to wall base cabinet to hold TV, electronics and hide the subwoofer. Hopefully once the beast is hidden, it will no longer be the subject of “Does it have to be there?” comments.

heh. I do that too, does that make me a dog?

I tell ya’, this ‘coming back to work’ business really and truly sucks.

I came back to the expected pile of work, but also to an unexpected surprise: My secretary’s two-week notice. She found work as a 911 dispatcher in a nearby town. I have to be honest - she’s been kind of a burden to me, so I’m not exactly crying a river here. Her timing is not good, but then come to think of it, I don’t know what WOULD be good timing. I’ll muddle through the rest of the school year with an interim, and have someone of my own choosing in place this summer.

Hi everyone, the sporadic one is back. Our spring break was last week so we were gone to Austin for combination vacation and house hunting. We want to move to a bigger city because our oldest daughter is autistic, and there are more opportunities for her there.

Woo, Drae, puppies are a good thing, but we don’t want to get a doggie until we move. I have a feeling that moving with a puppy would be a Bad Thing.

I know the list MMP was last week, but I was gone, so here is mine:
Funny signs seen in Austin (Texas, that is.)

  1. Amor Ron office park.
  2. Aw Dang Chinese food.

Bumper Sticker:
Lick Bush and Dick in '04. :slight_smile:

I know it’s not much of a list, but that’s all I got.

Swampy good luck with the job hunt, and all those with teh sick, stop it now!

Can I have another Spring Break? Mine was all busy and stuff.


P.S. Just a hint for you guys, never go to the San Antonio Zoo on Spring Break! Oy!

Congrats, I guess, on your secretary leaving, MBG? Anyway, you’re right, going back to work sucks. Whether it’s after a vacation or after surgery, it just plain sucks.

Glad to meet you, meli! I’ve been hearing lots about you; I’m glad you’re a member and can join us now!

Okay, the universe is laughing its ass off at me today. Jahdra was so nice to get me the last three skeins of the Misti alpaca yarn from her local shop, and you all may recall that I had hysterics when it arrived and it was the same dye lot I’d been using. Well, I finally got notified late last week by the folks I’ve had the yarn on back order with since early February that they finally got it in and shipped it to me Friday. And it just arrived.

I’ll give you one guess what dye lot it is. :smiley: :dubious: :eek: :smiley:

It’s a good thing I went ahead and got it, actually – the yarn Jahdra sent got me to within about 20 rows of the end of the last piece, but I still need a bit for edging and around the neck and such. So now I have LOTS of it. Anybody need some Misti alpaca lace weight in cranberry? :smiley:

Better luck with your next secretary, MBG.

I’ve been spending my afternoon filling out forms so I can apply for OPT employment (which grants foreign students a year of employment in the US as long as you’re working in a field related to your degree). God, there’s nothing I hate more than bureaucracy. I need to get me an American husband so I can get a green card stat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bobbio, unless my glasses are devious, I didn’t see a quantity for tomato sauce in your ingrediment list (yes, I spelled it that way deliberately) - but it does sound yummy.

Just a meh-Monday here. Work was meh. Mail was meh. I gotta go finish taking down the bedroom borders - meh. All I wanna do is nap - like the doggies. I’m pretty sure that’s all mine do all day - at least that’s what they did when I was home sick, and I doubt that they’re using the microwave when I’m not here.

**pudytat ** - are you a first-time MMPer?? I don’t recall seeing you here before, but them I’m old and forgetful (almost as bad as swampy) … in any event, welcome!

**Drae ** - cute pup, and yay for rescue!

That’s all I can remember without going back and rereading the thread, so it’ll hafta do for now.

Happy Monday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Home from work. I’ll call the doc tomorrow for an appointment, they weren’t answering the phone today. I am marinating some poke chops and got some corn on the cob to go with them. I’m off tomorrow, so I think I’ll have a couple of beerverages and listen to hockey.

Drae, cute puppy. Hounds are like that, it’s hours of coma followed by a brief burst of manic energy.

taxi, BooFae, get better soon.

Hey member meli!

Don’t worry pudytat, this is a no hating zone. Maggie Wonderbeagle even likes putytats.

Welcome back, sneezy! Hope you find a good home.

Sorry about the secretry,MBG.

:smack: It’s supposed to be 8 oz tomato sauce…

the pet food recall - the Purina brands haven’t been mentioned yet, have they?