Work Like a Dog-A Mundane Mutt Post

Ever hear the phrase “work like a dog”? Here’s a sample of Maggie wonderbeagle’s work day:
7:30 Gotta go! Why is he asleep? Is he dead? WhineWhineWhine.
7:50 Breakfast! Cookies and kibble, fish n’ meds. MM…Mmm…good.
7:57-9:15 Nap
9:15-9:20 Second breakfast, kibble n’ cookies.
9:20-12:05 sunbathe
12:06 Random barking at joggers
12:06-3:12 nap
3:12 Bark at big yellow bus thing
3:15-3:40 Afternoon stroll, eat thing.
3:40-5:28 watch primates trudge home from work.
5:28 High tea:cookie and chilled water
5:28-7:41 evening nap
7:41 sniff kitty
7:41-9:50 sleep
9:50-10:12 late night stroll, eat thing
10:12-7:30 beauty sleep
Random thought:
They sell organic milk, can you get inorganic milk?

Oh Doggio what a wonderous MMP! And oh for the life of Maggie Wonderbeagle, especially all that glorious nap time. :wink:

I’m up early today and will try to get to work early for a change. I’ve got timecards to do and other stuffus to catch up on. The IT support staff sent out a memo last week saying that staff is using the Internet 70-90% of capacity, which they determined to be well over what it should be - and now they’re threatening to limit it to “work-only” stuff. We’ll see what happens. SDMB is already blocked, unfortunately.

Hopefully I will have cable modem by Wednesday evening, YAY!

ETA: OMG, I’m the first it looks like! Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

Off to jury duty. ::groan::

Well, duh, of course Maggie needs all that rest. I mean, if she’s not well rested how is Doggio supposed to know stuff like it’s time for breakfast or tea? Besides, it takes a lot of energy to be able to bark at all those random things that need barkin’ at. I do hope she’s usin’ some type of sunscreen whilst sunbathing.

Another fun day here at da cave. I’ll job hunt and sweep off yet again more pine pollen off’n my back porch. I’ll be glad when the pine trees are all done with their matin’ ritual.

Have fun at jury duty Snakes. I haven’t heard anything real sensational comin’ outta Columbus, so maybe they’ll just let ya go home. Or, let you sit on juries for squabblin’ neighbors.

Doggio continuin’ your random thought, if you can buy organic veggies, can you also buy inorganic veggies?

Gee, except for the barking randomly and eating things, that’s pretty much Smokey’s day. Except she doesn’t wake me for a walk, just for food.

work work work
I hate Mondays (which, btw, is my “favorite song of the week” - I’d heard it again over the weekend and downloaded it my iPod, I shall play it several times today, loud enough for cow-orkers to hear)

I don’t have a doggie. Lots of kitties…laying around like little landmines waiting to be stepped on. Ah, to be a sleepy kitty on an overcast Monday morning. They already did their daily workout. Chasing each other up the wall (literally) and “bonking” for attention. After all that activity, they’ve curled up in various spots throughout the house. I don’t expect to see much movement until after lunch.

Here’s the paraphrased Eyetalian Pot Roast recipe from yesterday:

8 oz sliced fresh mushrooms
1 large onion, cut in half and sliced
1 (2.5-3 lb.) boneless chuck roast, trimmed
1 tsp pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
1 package onion soup mix
1 14 oz can beef broth
3 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp dried Eyetalian seasoning
2 tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp water
Hot cooked noodles

Place mushrooms and onions in bottom of slow cooker

Sprinkle pepper on chuck roast, and brown on both sides in the olive oil. When browned, place in slow cooker on top of onions and 'shrooms. Sprinkle soup mix over top of roast, then pour beef broth and tomato sauce over the top. Cover and cook on high 5 to 6 hours, until meat shreds easily with a fork.

Remove meat from cooker, and cut into chunks if it doesn’t fall apart. Keep warm.

Skim any grease from juices. Add tomato paste and eyetalian seasoning. Stir together water and cornstarch until smooth, and add to sauce in cooker. Cook on high 20 minutes, or until thick. Add meat back to mixture, and serve over noodles when meat is thoroughly reheated.

It was pretty good, but to be critical of it, it needed a bit of garlic. The sauce is kind of like spaghetti sauce, and to avoid the cliche, I won’t add garlic to the tomato mix next time. Instead, I think I’ll try embedding sliced cloves into the meat before putting it in for the 6 hour slow cook.
The original recipe comes from the Feb 2005 Southern Living

That looks delicious! I add some Kitchen Bouquet to make it less “red gravy” and more like meat gravy. Works like a charm! (I only like tomato sauce gravy with a pasta dish.)

They don’t demand attention from you? Smokey is always particularly jealous of any time I spend with the computer

Good morning!

What a busy weekend I’ve had. I worked in the yard all day Saturday, as well as did laundry. It was glorious out! Got a blush of a sunburn on my shoulders, and a bunch of plants repotted. And the accidently frozen dead ones pulled out of the flower beds.

Saturday night we went out. Stopped at the sports bar and ate a bit of corn beef and cabbage there. Then we went to the movie theater, but Wild Hogs was sold out. So we went to another bar and had a taste of “Irish” stew. Then went home and ate real dinner, King Ranch Chicken that I had made earlier.

Sunday I grocery shopped, packed up and froze the leftovers in the fridge, and bbq’d some baby back ribs. And cleaned out my closet for a donation to charity.

I think tonight will be chicken fried steak…mmm…

Perfect description of a dog’s life, CanineServant. My two have similarly rigorous schedules, although they frequently get to bark at the FedEx man or other delivery guys in the neighborhood. It’s important to chase those evil delivery guys away, after all.

My dear cat Emily, on the other hand, seldom demands attention from me. In any normal fashion, that is. I was just dropping off to sleep last night when she decided to try to hornk on the bed right under my chin. I managed to turn her 90° so at least it didn’t land on the bed, but then of course I had to get up and clean it up. Lovely timing she has. Sigh.

It’s clear and cold here again. I want spring, dammit! The daffodils started to bloom, and then they got all confused and are sitting there half budded going, “Hey, what happened to spring?” They have my sympathy.

What a coincidental topic for today, doggie. Guess what we got this weekend?

Being a dog owner is hard, dangit. As a matter of fact, somebody is very upset that I’m in the library, paying attention to the computer. That same somebody isn’t really allowed in the library without careful supervision, what with the repeated attempts (and some successes) to poop on the floor. :frowning:

And, naturally, the cats are pissed.

Not til after lunch. Then they type and bonk and mooch Fudgesicle licks off me. It gets rather crowded in my office.

of course the cats are pissed. Not because it’s a dog, but because it’s their house, dammit, and you didn’t ask permission!
what have you named the new addition?

Aww! Cute widdle puppykins! He/she’s adorable, Drae!

His name is Winchester, and he’s a beagle/basset mix, about a year and a half old. I have never seen a dog sleep this much. It’s hilarious. We adopted him on Saturday, and yesterday he got to meet our friend’s dog Drake and have lots of jumpy puppy fun. This weekend, he gets to go to Maine and meet Chiefie and Honey and Star and have even more puppy fun. But this afternoon, he goes to the icky vet’s office, so that will be an enormous amount of fun, too. :rolleyes:

Poor baby came from 11th Hour Rescue, which goes around the country and saves pets scheduled for euthanasia. He spent all of Friday traveling up from Georgia, then got adopted out on Saturday. We took him back to the pet store yesterday to buy him toys, and the poor thing wouldn’t get in the car at first. I think he was afraid we were giving him away again.

But hey, we figured if we were going to get a dog, we should get one when I’m still home to train him. Oh yeah. Job hunting. Should do more of that today. I’m so lazy.

Tell me about it. I spent Saturday afternoon undoing one of the nastier legacies of The Poop Fairy…

Maddy would poop whenever she felt like it; she didn’t care about housetraining. Well, Loki, being the good subservient canine boy he is would then mark all over her piles. One of her favorite places to strike is the VunderStudy…

Well, Saturday dawned COLD, and I turned on the heater for the VunderStudy, and a few moments later my nose was met with one of the most godawful stenches I’ve ever known. Loki, when marking one of her last attacks, managed to hit the baseboard heater… :eek: :mad:

After a trip to Lowe’s for a specialty brush that would fit the vanes, I took the heater apart, and gave the element a shower and good scrubbing. Then the rest of the heater was wiped down, and everything reassembled. When I turned it back on, the smell came back for a moment, but was much weaker and didn’t last. When I was in the VStudy this morning, the heater was on, and no odor was apparent.

I miss the little Fuzzbutt, but I sure as hell don’t miss the Poop Fairy. Loki’s had a 100% record since she left for taking it outside, too. :slight_smile:

Doggio, Maggie certainly has a fun-packed life! Ophie and Shadow could probably out-sleep her though, I think they’re currently competing to see which one of them can be comatose the longest.

Last night and this morning we had snow! Real, proper snow! In the middle of March! And it was still snowing when I had to trudge up the road to the surgery for an 11am visit to my doc.

I told her my problem, she had a quick peek in my ear and told me I’d got an infection. So now I have a week of anti-biotic fun. Oh joy.

It’s not quite Teh Sick, but it’s close enough.

Damn! That’s a cute pup.

I just found out that they have a dog and cat adoption channel on my Comcast On Demand channel. I had lots of fun looking at all their little resume videos!

We’re working on that. sigh Win was a very good boy this morning and woke Roomie up when he had to go. Then he spent half an hour sitting at the bottom of the stairs to my room with a squeaky toy, waiting for me to wake up. (He won’t come up either set of stairs, which is actually nice, because it gives the cats someplace to hide.) When I got up, he did the outside dance again, so I took him out. But our little darling seems to be under the impression that I only take him outside to play. And as soon as he hits the concrete, he starts looking for treats. No treats unless he goes outside like a good boy. So, he dances around me, eats some snow, sniffs everything, and we go back inside. And then he poops in the library. sigh.

We’re getting there.