The Off to work MMP

After such a good weekend I really don’t want to go to work. Especially not early like this, without any coffee yet.

Pity me. *** BLURF***

I’m going to miss my doggy. Well, I have a cat too, but he’s resting now and not looking at me with “guilty eyes” that as why he is being left behind.

First! W00T!

I worked all weekend, but I get my fisrt day off in 25 days on Friday. :slight_smile:

Jeez you people get up early!
Baker, I , too, have a cat. A cat who thinks the street light reflective off the snow means it’s morning and I’d better get out of bed and feed her now or she will make it her mission to prevent from reaching r.e.m. until I do.

Up, dressed, in the office, just finished breakfasting, working on caffeinating. Another Moanday in paradise!

Tree guy #2 is coming over at 5 this afternoon to give me an estimate. Hope the precip holds off. I got a response from tree guy #3, but not a time yet. I think that should be enough estimates to know whether #1 was out of line.

This is my 4-day week, and I need to call Hyundai to have a recall taken care of - Firday, I hope. For now, tho, I just need to wake up and get going.

Happy Moanday!!

I have two cats, one who sleeps on my feet all night and makes it difficult to move without disturbing her precious beauty sleep and another who at least has the courtesy to wait until she knows I’m awake before she demands to be petted.

Between the two days off for snow and the time last week to make up the stuff I missed because of the snow days, this is the first full week of irk in two weeks. We’ve got somewhere between one to seven inches of snow coming, depending on who you believe, so there may be a snow day or delay toward the middle of the week.

In other news, I pulled the trigger on my VA disability claim, so all that’s left to do is wait. And wait. And wait. The VA is sloooowwwww

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 35 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 57 and sunny for the day. Tomorrow’s high shall be 42 Amurrkin and windy. Winter is still with us.

Today I get to go to the east forty first thing. Thus, I can slack a bit at da cave as I shall leave from here to go since 'tis closer to do so. On the plus side my right knee feels better.

OK, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, alas and alack, purtification for irk must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning. It’s just after 4am and I’ve been awake for about an hour now. Insomnia strikes again. Some huge stresses in my life are coming to some resolution and I went to bed feeling more relaxed than I had in months. I had hoped that would lead to a full night of sleep, but here I am. Heavy sigh.

**Lily **- sleep cycles are a real pain sometimes. I’ve gone thru periods when, for no apparent reason, I’d wake at 2 AM and be unable to fall back to sleep. Eventually it’d work itself out, but the weeks of dealing with it would wear me out. Hope your issues are resolved soon and sleep follows, preferably in bed and not behind the wheel. :eek:

The guy I’ve been working with this last week or so keeps calling me Linda. Dunno why - unless he thinks I look like a Linda. It doesn’t offend me, but I do find it funny.

Afternoon, mumpers! I has a blurf today…actually, I has a stinky cold topped off with a blurf. I am at irk though, I realise the entire place would fall apart if I wasn’t here so I have made a great sacrifice and have struggled into the office.

We have two cats at home too, they like to sleep on the bed and this morning they were making it very hard for me to get out because they were wedged either side of me. I expect they will be there snoozing for most of the day, it’s windy and raining so there’s very little incentive for them to move unless they get hungry enough to venture downstairs for food.

Mostly they don’t seem to care if I’m in or out, as long as they’ve got food…

My bedroom is a cat-free zone. I love all the cats I’ve ever had, but I don’t let them in my room, because they could get up to mischief there, and also, I sleep with my room door closed, and I don’t want to have to get up in the middle of the night to let a cat in or out.

Last night the new kitty was howling outside my room, and I opened the door just a crack, and she immediately shoved her face in the crack and tried to get in! Haha.

I used to let Taz sleep with me, but he peed on my comforter one time too many, so we now lock the bedroom door. Yes, lock - he can open the door otherwise. Idiot cat.

We leave the bedroom door open a little when sleeping, and Allie comes and goes as she pleases. It’s less disruptive to sleep than dealing with Siamese howls of outrage at the closed door.


I only made it to halftime on the game. I slept good for a change. Our cat in mostly indoor/outdoor but she did sleep at the foot of the bed last night as it was cold outside.

My dog sleeps under the covers plastered to me. If I try to move him he will snap and growl. WTH.

Waiting for something to do… as usual…

At irk. I don’t mind irk or my job, I just hate getting ready. I wish I could schlub into the library wearing barn jeans and a sweatshirt. I got a kitteh the day after Christmas. She’s a good cat, sleeps on my bed with me but stays in her own zone, and doesn’t move around. However, when the alarm goes off she is in my face demanding brekkies.

I just arranged to have my car inspected by Hyundai for a recall, and I realized that this coming weekend is a 4-day weekend for me. Firday is my regular day off, and next Moanday is President’s day! WOOHOO!!

It was soon nice to be able to sleep in (& then get up to come to irk.) I needed the alarm to go off when the hour wasn’t 4 or 5.

Sounds rather smart to me.

Happy Moonday!

According to my phone it’s a sunny 28 degrees, my window confirms the sunny part, the friggin’ cold part was was confirmed when Sah-son let the dog out.

Sah-dog is pretty oblivious to time. Sah-son takes care of his needs at night and I take care of them during the day. He wakes, sleeps, eats, and goes out whenever. He stopped sleeping on the bed years ago, I don’t know why, but he’s never been very athletic and I always had to help him up and I think it hurt his legs to jump off.

I had a dog years ago named Yasmine. She was my dippy-hippy dog, I’m sure had she been human she would have been a pot head.
She hated mornings, always growled at the alarm clock and snuggled against me for 5 more minutes. She’d also walk me to the gate each morning, then take my hand in her mouth, pull me back to the door, and beg me to stay home.

The family gave my mother a surprise birthday party Saturday. We, of course, were not invited. I wouldn’t have gone anyway - but I think it is damn shitty of my mother’s other daughter to ignore Sah-son the way she does. I still treat my nieces like I always have.

I can be damn sure somebody in the family will ask me why I wasn’t there, and isn’t it time I made up with her and I should pray that God heals our relationship because they love their sister(s) so much and I just don’t know what I am missing. I also will get the how selfish I am because don’t I know how much I am hurting my mother by being this way?
I have found that asking them how many of their bf’s of theirs did their sister try to fuck usually ends the conversation pretty quickly.

OAOASO wanted to get back together. He said he was coming over yesterday, but it didn’t happen - I’m not surprised. Tells me everything I already knew.

I’ll be making spaghetti and meatballs sometime today.

Lots of time on the phone today. Apart from Hyundai, I called the orthopedist I saw some years back about my left shoulder - got an appointment tomorrow to get my right shoulder checked out. It’s been hurting over a year - sometimes more than other times, but it seems to be getting worse - the pain is working its way down my arm now. We’ll see what the doc says tomorrow morning. Then our family doctor called looking for **FCD **(my cell is our former home number) to tell him he needs to make an appointment for lab work. Sure would be nice if he could get it done on Friday… Anyway, I called him and told him.

Meanwhile, I have a pile of stuff on my desk to do, which is good. At least my afternoon should zip by. Then tree guy tonight.

Totally mundane - there’s a sticky note next to my monitor (actually there are a lot - I make stickies of procedures that I need to remember) and thanks to my hasty penmanship, the word PROPERTIES looks like POOPERTIES. “rt click POOPERTIES” it says! :smiley:

Carry on!

Was up late/early and slept in and not getting my heart started on all pistons so its a real blurf for me today.