A Change in Plans MMP

Blurf. Got up an hour ago, about 5 hours earlier than normal.

So, we were going to go see E.T. at the makeshift drive-in theater on Saturday, but when we got there, the place was packed, the screens were nowhere close to our car, and we didn’t feel like sitting on a blanket in front of the screen. So instead we returned to downtown, and caught Minions at the visitors center. That was okay too. Mom, my friend Alex, her daughter, and I all had a good time… even though Alex-offspring was spoiling all the plot points towards the end.

Happy Moanday, everybody!


More later

Up, caffienating, waiting for the polls to open so I can beat [DEL]all[/DEL] most of the old people in Apple County to get in line.

Oh good, I remembered the code to strikethrough text here. Coffee works!

We have a drive-in theater near us that shows first-run movies. They open around the first weekend of spring and close around the first weekend of fall. I wish they’d open Halloween weekend for a creature feature, but I guess it’s not worth opening for just that one weekend.

My follow-up appointment with the orthopedist is this afternoon. He’ll unwrap my leg, take out the stitches/staples/whatever else held my skin together, give me a boot and let me know if I can go back to irk. If I can, fine. If I can’t, fine. I just need to know one way or the other.

What year is it where you are? Could you not see something more current?

Yesterday, I sat on my couch and watched tv all day. I haven’t done that in months. It felt awesome.

One of my terrible book reviews (as in the book was terrible, not my review) on Goodreads just got a comment. This is the last paragraph of the review:

This is the comment someone just posted:


Get my Blurf in before rosie. Ended up refereeing two games Sunday, did one then had to scramble back down to coach the kids’ game (we tied 0-0; got outplayed but our defense was stout), and then had to climb a hill to referee another game. So I’m a Norse God today: Thor all over.

Drae, sometimes a day for vegetating is a good thing.

Rockin’, hoping the Dr. says all is going well, but that you need to take another day off of work (best of both possible worlds).

Hope FCM is enjoying her cruise…haven’t heard of any ship sinkings…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 45 Amurrkin out and sunny with a predicted high of 85 and sunny for the day. No huge plans for the day. Gonna do a little cave spiffin’, go to the liberry, and have N.O.L. with a couple of friends at a local place that makes good sammiches, soups etc. Lookin’ forward to that as I have not eaten at Terry’s in a good while.

Rockin’ hope all goes well at the doc.

OK, I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I should get busy on stuff, I reckon.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift tonight. Hope sari-cat has come home.

Good luck with the leg, Rockin’.

Not a Happy Moonday!

Kitty has not come home.
So most of my plans for the day will be changed to look for cat.

I didn’t sleep well, up checking at the door and calling for him. I woke up early and designed a missing cat flyer and will have some printed. Sah-son can distribute to the neighbors. He won’t like it but tough, he can just stick them in doors if he doesn’t want to talk to people. Once everything is open I’ll call the shelter and vets offices.
After it warms up a little I’ll sit out back and see if he comes around.

I already registered Sah-son for his Spring 2017 classes. So that is done for the day. I just did it for him because some of the classes fill up quickly. So that is done.

Irk is being irksome. They keep asking us to put in more hours because we are so busy - yet I’m hardly getting any irk at all. Probably because everybody is putting in extra hours, so the work is being divided between more people.

BigKitty - nice video, but no it didn’t help.
Every time I look at the ballot my head hurts.

Write in Weird Al.

{{{{sari & sah-kitteh}}}}

My canidate of choice

Blurf. I is tired, I did not sleep well either.

Rockin’, hope the doc sees sense and lets you get back to irk so you can stave off boredom.

(((((sari and sah-son))))), with any luck, kitty will have come back through the mysterious cat portal and be sitting somewhere in the house next time you try going up the stairs without putting a light on.

Two days until the exam board, and only a few problem children left to deal with…

It’s cotton pickin’ time, folks!

Believe it or not I have accomplished stuff. Right now I am at the liberry. I need to go by the post office to mail some stuff and then meet friend’s for N.O.L.

Hot Food (just a workin’ nickname right now) that already happened a couple weeks ago. :smiley:


Moanday BLurfage. Sari Hoping Kitty comes home soonest. Cats have a mind of their own for sure.

My clerk made me a carrot cake for a delayed boss’s day gift. I love me some carrot cake.

that is all.

So the water leak from upstairs broke though the bathroom ceiling, necessitating a ceiling replacement. They are fixing it now, so Gordie has spent the last ninety minutes locked in my room, barking himself into a coma. Is it work time yet?:dubious:

Or revenge.