Work/Pay/boss issue


I have been at my current job for about 9 years.

The culture here is ‘want more money, find a need/job that needs doing, prove you can do the job, take the responsibility for it, do it well and get paid for it’ even better if it saves the company money.

About 4 years ago I used my photoshop talents to help modify loads of images (600+) for use on the company website after we were quoted £75 per image from our usual external company.
Since then I have always been called on to do the little tweeks as and when needed, Im also making sure that side of the website is running OK.

So now I have a new work machine and this does not have photoshop installed (i used my own version previously)
Am I wrong to make a stand and say I have proved I can do the job and saved the company thousands and either I want paying for it or someone else can do it? i’ll just do the job Im employed to do. I also want them to buy their own photoshop.

The company is small, with 7 employees and 1 owner/manager.

I dont want to appear greedy, people have already said to me ‘you are being paid to be here, you do what ever you are asked to do’

I do enjoy the photoshop part but I feel Im been taken advantage of.

I havent had a payrise for 4 years and I dont earn good money to start with (lowest earner in the company)
Surely I am doing a role that they have paid for and now I do it it saves them money (£20,000 last year approx) That being said they probably wouldnt have the work done at that cost so its not money saved just not money that needed to be spent.

Any advice would be very good


At least make them buy a legal copy for you to use. Doing that work vs some other task, at the same pay rate seems ok to me.

If you had photoshop installed at home and at work, you were likely violating the license terms.
So basically they buy photoshop and ask you to do the work (and appreciate how much work you do and your unique talents) or you do the work at home and put in for overtime.

The question is, how much more are you asking for? I assume now that the bulk have been converted a while ago, yo do what - one a week, saving then 75 a week, so an extra 15 or 20 would not be out of line? How badly does this tweaking need to be done? Serious work that HAS to be done, or just twiddling for a more optimal contrast and saturation? How professional are your qualifications and experience in photo work compared to the commercial shop?

Actually if your employer has purchased a proper license from Adobe, you can install a second copy at home using the same license. Get your boss to buy a proper work license.

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