Work-Related Question (Not GQ)

On Thursday, I interviewed with an agency that is expanding into Springfield (from nearby Jacksonville). This was a large-scale group interview, with multiple applicants for multiple positions all interviewing more-or-less at once.

After the interview, several applicants (myself included) were given instructions to go for drug-testing and physicals. Another applicant asked “Does this mean we’re hired?” The HR person in charged smiled and said “I can’t say one way or the other, but it’s a good indication.”

Since I interviewed for a higher-paying position requiring a more thorough background check, I was also sent for fingerprinting.

*I passed the drug test with flying colors. I know this because it was instantaneous and the nurse and I watched the little strip together, and we could both see that the results were satisfactory.

*I passed the physical with flying colors.

*There is absolutely nothing in my past that would cause me to fail a background check. I have never been accused, let alone convicted, of any crime other than minor traffic violations. I have never been accused, let alone found liable for, any wrongdoing against a client in any of my jobs. I am literally clean as a whistle.

Yet they still have not called me back. :frowning:

Please tell me that an employer would not pay to have me drug-tested, physicalled, and background-checked and then not hire me. Pretty please?

The tests were Thursday? I doubt they even have the results of the background check yet.

Correct. Also, even if the tech allowed you to see the results that doesn’t mean that HR has received them.

I wouldn’t be concerned until the end of next week.

Maybe it takes some time to get the results and put together an offer letter. Or, maybe they sent more applicants than necessary for testing in case some were eliminated. I suppose it’s possible you were a backup plan. In any case, I’d give them a full week and maybe call back to follow up.