Working abroad?

Can the dopers help me out?

I am a recent college grad (this past May) and I have since had no luck finding a job. While in college I was able to study abroad in London for three months, and I LOVED it.

I am wondering if anybody out there would happen to know of a program that would be something of a “work abroad” program?

I would love to spend 3 or 6 months (or more…) or something working in some company in London and gaining experience that I could use when I come back here.

The problem that I seem to find (although admittadly I haven’t looked REALLY hard, I thought of you guys first) is that all of these programs require me to still be in school. So I figured I would go to the experts…think anyone can help me?


Not in London but I am working abroad. I don’t know of anything that would quite fit what you’re looking for, especially during a world-wide recession.

But in any case, and as with any job search, you’ve got to look at things from the potential employer’s perspective. In your scenario, if I hired you for an office job you’d probably be more or less dead weight as you learn the ropes of my company. And and as soon as you’ve learned and are ready to contribute something useful, you’re going to skedaddle back to your home country. Not to mention all the paperwork I’d have to go through in arranging a work permit for you.

Contract work as a corporate English teacher might be a possiblity in Asia, but I suspect not so much in the UK.

Unless you have a super-specialist degree, then as an American you’re out of luck. A UK company wouldn’t jump thru the hoops required to get you the required work permit when there are loads of UK and EU nationals looking for work.



Ok…thanks to everyone so far!

Have you thought about contracting? The US Government and private companies often have overseas short-term contractor positions available. Unfortunately I have no resources to direct you to, but you should be able to Google up a few leads.

Unfortunately BUNAC has been scrapped and replaced by the Youth Mobility Scheme, which the US isn’t taking part in.

sigh I was so unbelievably bummed when I found out that the program was killed, because I’d gone before and was so looking forward to being able to spend at least another six months in London. Alas. Something about that city just lets it get into people and it refuses to ever let go.

Anyway, BUNAC does still offer their other visa programs for Americans (Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia), so if you’re just looking to go abroad, that’s an option.

Oooo potential…I like that…
…You guys are helping immensely!!! Thanks so much!!!

What’s the demand like for software engineers? Any places where an American would have a good chance at finding a job?

Meant to add this before - I used BUNAC to go to both Ireland and then (immediately after) Britain, and can highly recommend it, and I’m looking at going to New Zealand through them when I graduate this spring. In some countries, you can get the same visa directly without going through BUNAC, but I think it’s definitely worth the fee. They don’t provide job placement or anything, but they do provide an initial orientation (this is how to open a bank account, good ways to find a place to live, how to register with the police if needed, etc), and a resource room with job postings and - more importantly - free internet access for job/apartment hunting, email-checking, etc. They’re not going to hold your hand, but it’s nice to have someone to help you get your bearings when you first arrive. Plus, it’s a good way to meet other people, which can be a challenge.

Oh man, this would be perfect for me…the only problem I see now is…

You have to have graduated within one semester…and that literally ended for me like, 2 weeks ago…grrrr…
…But this is something I am bookmarking and I am going to come back to if I end up getting back into school. I can’t find a job anyway, might as well do something for the next 2 years I guess…

Still wanna emphasize my thanks to all who have helped!