Working Assets customers: do you use the CitizenLetters?

Mrs. Interrobang!? and I use Working Assets Long Distance (couldn’t resist the free Ben & Jerry’s…and the charitable donations).

Every month, our phone bill spotlights several issues that WALD is concerned about – environmental, civil libertarian, etc. (Here’s a link to the current topics.) We can check a box on our bill and have WALD send a CitizenLetter to our representatives urging them to take a particular action on the issue. It costs $3 to send one, $4.50 to send two.

I’ve never used this feature. For one thing, $3 seems like an expensive fee for a form letter. For another, I rarely feel like I’m educated enough on an issue, based on their presentation, to recommend a specific course of action. (And I’m even more rarely motivated to research a given issue on my own.) And I mostly think that a form letter, no matter how well written, just isn’t going to mean much to my representatives.

Does anyone who uses WALD use the CitizenLetter feature? Are you happy with it? Has it produced any response from your representatives? Is it worth the money?

I’ve never, not one time, even thought about doing it. I felt bad about it, just a little, until I read your post, and found out that it costs $$$. Are they fargin’ kidding me? I like WALD, but I don’t think I’ll ever use a CL.


Never use them. At least a third of the time I disagree with what the letters are advocating anyway.

I’ve never used their CL’s either. They tend to be a bit strident in my view. Anyway, the buggers never sent the Ben & Jerry’s certificates. Probably just as well.

c j