Working for a competitor

So sorta funny story, a few months ago we interviewed a guy from one of our main competitors. I was one of the interviewers but not the person making the final decision, just gave my feedback. He was offered a job but didn’t take it, no hard feelings. I think it came down to money. It happens, too bad, he was a nice guy.

Anyhow, I recently got a call from competitor’s HR department. Apparent he referred me for a job? My only connection to this guy is that I interviewed him. We have a few common linkedin friends but anyone I’ve talked to in the past year. But, I supposed he can say he met me through so-and-so.

So, story aside, what are the … ethical concerns, with leaving to work for a competitor? Is it always a bridge burner? These are both giant corporations, not exactly in the same space, but for the project I work on they are a direct competitor. But, I can always say I won’t work on X, and if that is the only reason they are interested they don’t have much reason to keep talking to me.

Also if anyone remembers my last thread about taking a new job or accepting a counter offer, I did take the counter offer. I admit, that probably does make you wonder why I am asking this question now, I don’t have a great answer for that.

I work with a guy who left a corporation twice and came back twice. Some places actually see it as a plus as he had knowledge of a competitive company’s strategies, policies etc. It was a good way to learn if your competitor had a better way of doing things than you.

Also, the guy in your example sounds like he may have been scouting instead of shopping for a new job. Some companies will do a little dirty work by sending an employee to scout for talent by interviewing with people in their field in other companies.