Working on a holiday MMP

I’m off to about a half day of irk.

The library our cafe is in closes for federal holidays, but we usually work because President’s Day is when the library itself holds in=service events and we feed them.
But this year those tight fisted administrators decided to spend a lot of money and take staff outside the library. Yay say we workers, a day off, Boo though because no pay.

Then it turns out some group scheduled their BIG meeting on a day when we are closed(Today) and sent out to their members the schedule. “But it’s all set, we can’t change it now!” So yay, we get income, but Boo, I have to irk a half day.

Customers are idiots. They won’t have support, because the library employees won’t be there. All they will have will be security, who’s job does not include providing chairs or tables or audio-visual. I bet they will thank cafe people will do that, but we aren’t library employees.

Happy Blurfday.

First! W00T!

Up, caffeinated, sheveled. Leaving early, because freezing rain is falling. My Twitter feed is blowing up from all the accident Tweets on my way to work.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 44 Amurrkin and cloudy with a predicted high of 71 and cloudy with rain comin’ in sometime this evenin’. Rah.

{{{Rockin’ and AD}}} I am so sorry for the loss of AD’s mother. His mom, y’all, and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I shall venture forth in a little while in a search for cheap chawklit. I also need to go to :eek:Wally*World:eek: for a few items. Plus tonight is men’s night over to the church house. Maybe that will be enough activity to keep me outta trouble. Or not.

OK, I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, I shall purtify before headin’ out into the general public.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Last thing before I went to sleep, I turned on the weather channel for their Local on the 8’s - they said we’d get 1-3" of snow. Well, I just measured - we’ve got about 6" out there and it’s still coming down. So my day of sloth will be spend shoveling. Fortunately, it’s super light and fluffy, so it should be easy work. Still, 3" I could have driven over. 6" I really need to clear. So much for a day of sloth.

I woke around 5, but slothed and snoozed on and off till near 7, and that’s when I looked out the window. Talk about a rude awakening!!! And I had to clear a little space for Higgs to squat. Poor puppy! Supposedly, we’re getting freezing rain this afternoon but the temps will rise to freezing, then to the 50s tomorrow and it’ll turn to just rain. I’ll have to check FB tonight to see if we’ll have a delayed opening tomorrow.

Winter sucks.

{{{Doors fambly}}}

Thus beginneth my week. Happy Moanday. Yeah. Happy. Right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, swampy. At least we’re off today; me and the sprog for the holiday and AD for a doctor’s appointment. We have an extra day to get ourselves together. The funeral will probably be next Monday because she is going to be buried in the local veteran’s cemetery and they’re closed today, as well. (She wasn’t a veteran but her husband was.)

I will likely be looking for cheap chawklit, as well. Chocolate and chicken soup are the two panaceae (panaceas?). They fix everything from a cold to a broken heart. Chicken soup actually sounds good for dinner along with some good bread.

Anyway, I need coffee and a snack. I have to wander out later for the sprog’s dentist appointment.


Ya’ll all work for the infernal govment?

Doesn’t the majority of the population work on this day?

I dont see where we need such holidays anymore…<grumpy this morning or…tired>

Got up too early. Caffeine just doesnt do it anymore…more caffeine?

Maybe the day will get better…doubtit!

So, there’s that.

Even tho I’ve always gotten all the Fed holidays for my entire career, I’ve always felt there were way too many. And especially because so many of them are not observed in any special way, beyond SALES!!! at the mall. I figure Christmas, New Years, Independence Day and Thanksgiving, and maybe Veterans Day should be enough. Most people seem to think Memorial Day is about starting summer and Labor Day is about ending it. Yeah. Columbus day is a joke, as is President’s day. And with all due respect to Dr. King, I think that holiday was purely political when it was established. Face it, if we created days off to honor everyone who did something extraordinary, we’d never work.

When I retired, I was getting 26 vacation days a year, 13 sick days, plus the 10 Federal holidays - that’s almost 10 full weeks off out of 52! Your tax dollars at work.

The Company That Pays Me is famous for only having 6 holidays; every other day we are open and work. We’re open those other 6 as well often but we get some extra money for them. The deal is – if you are not scheduled to work that day you get to stay home at full pay. If you are scheduled to work that day you get time and a half. If you are scheduled to work that day and call in sick or disinterested you get nothing. It makes sense; people want their package delivered so I’m cool with the concept. The only bad part is the Old Wench gets a lot of these holidays I don’t and it slows some amusement park trips during the summer but that’s what Unpaid Time Off is for.

I must admit I was never a great fan of paid time off even when I got a lot of it. Something in it always struck me as slightly wrong. My Dad worked for US Steel and they pushed through a thing that every five years you got 13 weeks paid vacation. The rule was though that at least 10 weeks had to be in a block. The end result was that most of the guys took part time jobs or second jobs when they caught the “13” out of BOREDOM. That and he was always under the opinion that it really hurt the company and lead to the fall of big steel. Maybe his opinions were more of an influence on me than I would care to admit.

I work for the gubmint. I’d gladly give Veterans Day up if it means getting a day off between today and Memorial Day.

I work at a hospital (liberrian) and we get the Big Six off. However, irking on somewhat of a holiday is nice. There is no traffic since schools are closed.

There never is cheap chocolate around here. The stores whisk it off the shelves the day after a holiday–I went to Walgreen’s the day after Easter and there wasn’t a speck of candy to be found. I think they put it back in the store room and put it back on display the next year.

Yes we are coming up on the Holiday slack period. Nothing until Memorial Day then a long stretch til July 4th and another long stretch until Labor Day. I will take my holidays with pay anyway I can get them but I do agree with Mmmooooommm there are too many.

BLURF. Up and walked the dog. So far that’s it. I don’t know what the day will hold. I have a poke butt I need to cook. And I could do housework :shudder:

Just about every Canadian, except those in Quebec (my part of the country,) has a holiday around this time of year.

With me being self-employed, I try to get work done every day.

I should probably go into town today. Wasn’t originally planning on it, but my poor alto clarinet needs fixing again. sigh

A plow just passed by the house - our neighborhood is being cleared. But the snow is still coming down at a pretty good clip. No way I’m going to shovel till it eases off.

Meanwhile, I made french toast for my sweetie and I’ve boiled some eggs for egg salad. And I scooped the cat box. And took out the kitchen trash. And loaded dishes into the dishwasher. And it’s not even 10AM!!

I agree. Where I irked at the time we got 10 holidays, 8 real ones & two floating ones (extra vacation days). Then they started with MLK Day & we’re all like, “Yeah, extra day off!” but then they kept us at 10 holidays, taking away one of our floaters. So instead of getting a day, when I wanted it, usually on a nice, sunny summer day we had to take it in the middle of Jan so there was quite a bit of grumbling & grousing.
At least now, for the first time in 5 years, I get paid for the holiday. Sucks being a contractor when you have to take holidays off, w/o pay, that you don’t really celebrate or do anything special for, which in my case is all but three of 'em.

What stoopit bureaucrat decided that ½ of our holidays should come in a 7 week period in the middle of winter? :smack:
Why wasn’t somebody important born in a warm-weather month?

Today’s holiday features a high of 18°F & 1-3" of snow/sleet/freezing rain. I doanwanna go out but I promised. Mebbe head out a few minutes early to acquire cheap chawkalit.
Speaking of chawkalit, I’m declawing the cats, those that ‘complain’ are having their heads bitten off. This makes my mouth happy.

I’m supposed to work today but when I awoke I felt pretty bad, so called in. Calling in on snow days is generally disapproved but it is what it is. This isn’t a holiday that I am compensated for in any way.

Though honestly I have been giving them a lot of free time recently so they can’t call me a slacker. I recently began a Peer Review Group at work to allow people the opportunity to view and critique each other’s work. Over the weekend I created a complimentary Facebook Group to help people who find it hard to make the meetings.

Not as much snow in Annapolis but the radar makes it look like it won’t stop anytime soon.

I ventured out to measure the snowfall - on the front driveway, we’ve got 7", so in the last 3 hours, an additional inch has fallen.

Stoopit snow.

I’ve made egg salad, made 4 egg-salad-and-cheese wraps for breakfasts for the rest of the week, then put the rest of the egg salad in the fridge for sammiches. I’ve showered, tidied the kitchen, and now I’m chilling again. Yes, I’m avoiding the snow shovel.

No snow, but raining since early morning and lloks like we’ll have a day full of it. Getting to spend it cleaning my house…oh joy.

In other words…Blurf.

I just looked at the NWS winter weather page - you are e 8"-12" band Mom

Happy Moonday!

It’s cold and just started snowing.

{{{Rockin’ and AD}}}

We just got some white lithium grease for the squeaky pocket door

DAMN! Just how dangerous is this stuff?