Workplace Bathroom Reading Material Etiquette

So, my very small department was recently relocated to a new office area. Previously only 4 people occupied this office area (only one male), three were relocated and were replaced by the four of us in my department. The male population doubled with my addition. We have separate sex restrooms.
The other guy in this office was probably pretty used to being the only one using the men’s room. Occasionally he leaves trade magazines in the toilet stall.

What’s the workplace etiquette on that? Do you leave reading material in the stall at work?

There has been a pile of magazines including; Trade magazines, Maxim magazine or equivalent, and hunting or gun magazines, at every office I have ever worked at. If they get to old or beat up they get thrown out and replaced, usually the stack seems to stay the same size all year.

There were several women’s magazines on a table in the ladies’ room at one place I worked. I think the woman who put them there managed the inventory. I’ve never seen any at any other workplace.

And, frankly, I want to get out of the restroom as quickly as possible - it’s not my idea of a reading room.

Our offices are cleaned every night, and anything left in the stalls gets thrown out. Occasionally someone will leave one section from a newspaper in a stall, and it will sit there until the end of the day. But more often, nothing.

I think it’s pretty gross to find a ratty old magazine in a corporate bathroom, but that’s just me.

I used to work with lawyers and some would bring briefs and case materials into the stall with them, presumably so they could bill for the time that they were defecating. Depending on the length (six or twelve minutes), those were some $50 or $100 dumps.

In my company’s office locations, nothing it left in the men’s room stalls. In our manufacturing locations, you find all kinds of stuff – mostly newspapers or crossword photocopies – until they’re cleaned out.

There is no reading material in our office bathrooms. Sometimes I wish there was. This is why I like my smart phone. Something to do/read on those occasional times I’m in there for, er, a few minutes.

I would feel funny taking a magazine from the lunchroom into the bathroom, as some folks aren’t eager to read material that’s been read in the bathroom.

A first class toilet should contain reading material.

A first class toilet should contain first class reading material. Like Shakespeare, the Wall Street Journal, and the Congressional Record?

You got that backwards. We had people taking magazines from the stall BACK INTO THE LUNCHROOM. :confused::mad::smack:

We had to have several all-employee meetings announcing that this was not a good idea. :rolleyes:

Ugh. What is it with men and the inordinate amount of time it takes to pass a poo? My dad has to contemplate it for like 30 minutes before he even goes into the throne room, then he takes another 30 minutes in there before he comes back out, to much pomp and circumstance. I give him a Great Big Bathroom Reader for every Christmas. He reads the whole thing in the bathroom every year. My mom and I are in and out in a couple minutes.

I’ve heard of this men’s room reading material before, too. I’ve never seen it in a women’s restroom. Is it proof that women really do eat more vegetables?

Bring your smartphone.

No, no, no! Do not leave your pooping reading material in the stall. Fucking disgusting. Every morning someone leaves a newspaper section in our stall. Who wants to touch that crap after someone touched it with their poop hands?

Oh, for God’s sake. You don’t handle the reading material after you wipe!

The guy who takes his paper to the stall is also the guy who is known for not washing his hands.

People are pigs. I don’t know when they’re touching what and I don’t want to have to think about it. Just take your fucking stuff with you when you go.

Nothing in my work’s bathrooms, but we share them with the other companies on the trading estate and there’s not much room. That’s why I love my iPod Touch.

If there’s only one toilet stall (I could be wrong, but that’s how I read the above), proper etiquette is to not read on the john: you don’t know when your co-worker is going to urgently need to use the stall, so you shouldn’t be doing anything to extend your time in the stall that you could be doing elsewhere.

The handicapped stall in our men’s room doubles as a changing room for people who exercise at lunchtime. Someone put a small cabinet with 2 drawers in the corner for storing tolietry items (wetwipes, etc). One of the drawers now serves as a depository for motorcycle and music magazines and a couple of coffee-table-type books.

Some men, perhaps. Personally, I’m in and out in less than two minutes. And, conversely, I’ve seen women disappear for five minutes or more sometimes.

Back to the OP, our bathrooms at work have some magazines in them, I’ve heard that the woman’s room even gets the benefit of s subscription to something.

Just be glad it’s not porn. :eek: