World Cup Every Two Years

This thread is being started by someone who loves the international game more than the club game and by someone who is drinking too much wine. Im watching a replay of Germany v Brasil and I so want another World Cup in 2016. Im gonna hate the WC in militaristic Russia 2018 and in november (really?) in Qatar in 2022.

Man I love this game. I also wish that the USA was forced to use BBC or SKY commentators because lets be honest ours suck.

Freaking diving Brasilians.

Id love to see the World Cup every two years but Im guessing it would be a burden to ask a country to get ready for hosting it so soon, and it would cut into other money making enterprises like Euro and yes, the club competitions.

A WC every two years means a major continental tournament gets played in a WC year.

Twice the kickbacks!

Then you move the European Championship to 2015 or 2017. It doesn’t seem to hurt the Copa America any.

The main problem is, it takes about two years just to go through the qualifying procedure. Between qualifying and the tournament itself, there would be very little time for the best players to play for their clubs.

Not to mention the Olympics and U21 international tournaments.

I am assuming the WC would move to odd-numbered years so it doesn’t conflict with the Olympics (I am aware the Olympics is a U23 + amateurs + three older professionals tournament, but you still don’t want two major sporting events back to back like that), the way IAAF holds its biennial World Championships in odd-numbered years. The women’s tournament can be held in “winter Olympic years” and alternate with the Olympics, which is, for all intents and purposes, a World Cup-level event.