World Jump Day

It looks like we may finally get the answer to this question.

So do you think Cecil has been working on this for all those years? :smiley:


We should file a class action lawsuit against them for attempted murder.

[scolding parental voice] “Now, honestly – if the whole world were to jump at the same moment with the intent of altering our planetary orbit, would you do it too?” [/spv]



Do you think Benrik might be behind this?

First, Cecil already answered that question.

Second, this is World Jump Day. While there are many more Chinese and Indians, the Americans, Europeans, etc. would reduce their affect

World Jump Day…World Jump Schmay…
What we need to have is a World Fart Day. See if we can create butt force winds that create hurricanes ( butticanes?) tornados and possibly throw the earth off it’s rotation.
Who’s with me?

If I knew how to create a website with some great graphics and backed up with some kind of Math to impress the geeks and nerds, I’d do this like <snap> that.

lays on couch, lifts one butt cheek and awaits further instruction from Shirley