If all one billion chinese jumped...

Well, let’s find out.

Ya know, even if it worked :rolleyes: and everybody did it at the exact same time, why would anyone want to mess around with the uncertainty of it all? Are people curious to see if it’ll put us in an ice age or what? :dubious:

Cecil covered this one waaayyy back when. It was the column that hooked me. Musta been the early 80’s.

Here’s the link .

It won’t work.

I give this a big fat :dubious: if it’s not a hoax altogether.

One thing that struck me right away was their ambiguous “global warming graph” (what does the data mean?) that apparently shows 1980 as the hottest year until 2003 or so. I’m pretty sure that 1998 was the hottest year on record.

Some folks just don’t have enough to do… :rolleyes:

Aw, come on, guys, give it a chance! :smiley:

If the people @ WorldJumpDay.org really wanted to cause havoc, they recommend every flush their toilets at the same time - It would literally wash every treatment plant in the industrialized world right off the map.

Your experiment won’t work if all people jump all over the surface of the globe. They should jump on one side only in order to change the orbit. :smack:
Good luck anyway!

Am I the only one who sees the humor in this?

However, I’m thinking that he really has only 4,786 registered jumpers, not 85,004,786. But maybe I’m just cynical. :wink:

I’m in China now. I’ll tell all my Chinese friends.


If I’m in China but am an American, do I count in the 1.3 billion Chinese standing on a chair question?