World of Warcraft: ANY good roleplaying? Role playing servers?

Honestly, Shadow Council is a hive of idiocy and leetspeek. My RP guild broke up.

Is there anywhere to go in this game where there’s any role playing at all? Maybe a server that doesn’t allow 13-year-olds? Any hope whatsoever?

There’s more on an actual RP server than anywhere else, for sure, but … well, you can’t ban 13-yr olds from the game, really, or 30-yr olds who act like they’re 13. So, there’s plenty of idiocy on RP server guilds as well, but there are some real great RP guilds here and there as well.

WoW isn’t the best MMORPG for RPing, due to Blizzard’s fantasy-techo designs, tongue-in-cheek humor, and frequent pop culture references. So, most RPing tends to be on the light and fun side. But it does exist, for sure

When looking for an RP guild:

  1. Avoid the slightest sign of leetspeek
  2. Raiding guilds rarely have any RP
  3. troll the server forums and see which guilds have in-character threads going

Just want to say we downed Gruul today for the first time, and stared on SSC. That is all.

Heh. I was on Shadow Council, and engaged in a few different RP roles. I’m not that into RP, but I was game. I would assume that it’s not going to be easy for you to find a guild that you really like, but I wish you the best.

The day that I decided that I had played enough WoW, and formally quit, was liberating to say the least.

It’s like smoking, but without the chemicals.

What do you mean by role-playing? I’m relatively new to the MMORPG world, as well as to WoW. My social anxieties have extended to the internet so I’ve largely stayed away from a lot of the group types of stuff (guilds + instances).

Even on RP servers, most RPing takes place in RP guilds. When recruiting, most guilds will tell you how “heavy” their RPing is, if there is any. You may have to try a few to find one you like, but there are indeed RP guilds out there that frown on leetspeak and try to maintain a certain maturity level. Some will specify that they are for adults.

Also, keep an eye out for people walking (rather than running) in town – this is usually the sign of an RPer. Unless of course they’re just following Marshall Windsor or something.

Also, bigbabysweets, if you never join groups you will miss out on a lot of very neat game content, as well as some good quality gear. It’s not generally a high-pressure social situation, just a matter of some people getting together and fulfilling their various roles in the group. Just head to Westfall and look for people putting together Deadmines groups (if you’re Alliance) or hang around Orgrimmar and Durotar looking for people putting together Ragefire Caverns groups (if you’re Horde). These are the lowest level instances on either side and they’re a lot of fun. You may meet some idiots and jerks but you may also meet a lot of fun people. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of your role in a group, and if you tell people you’re new at it they will often give you pointers.

Yah, I realize I’m missing out, but I am getting better. Being new there was just a lot of stuff that simply went over my head and I was too embarrassed to admit it. I’d get a random whisper from a stranger and they’d say something like “Wanna do ud?” Hmm, sounds fun, but what the hell is ud? (I know now, just an example) So I’d scramble through one of the websites (Allakhazam for example) looking for any clues, finally I find some more clues, then it’s like "The Badlands? How the hell do I get there? (Once again, before I knew your teamates could transport you.

Oh well, PALATR, I’m starting to get better at this.

One thing I learned to do when I decided to give “RP guilds” a chance was ask what RP did they do. Many of them only say “heavy RP” in their advertisement, which is like saying nothing. And of course if I asked them a question and got a ginvite instead of an answer I refused.

—> “The idea is to have this guild just for RP, we’ll organize feasts in different locations.” OK, just keep in mind it’s an “alting” guild and don’t expect to find instance runs there.

—> “We’re explorers; we have meetings where we tell the rest of the guild about the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen.” Combines RP and runs.

—> “We’re the human Kingdom of Cucumberland, I’m the half-elven half-dragon king and the rest are all nobles and stuff.” Completely incompatible with WoW lore, they mostly do a lot of dancing on tables in their underwear, which they spell underware.
bigbabysweets2000, never be afraid to join a group and say “I’ve never been here, please take it slowly and explain” - you do meet all kinds of morons but I’ve also made some very good friends in “slow and easy” groups. A good leader never has a problem with having to explain and remember: nobody was born knowing how to walk!

The realm I’m on, Blackwater Raiders, has some good RP, though as usual it’s spotty. We have our share of leetspeakers and idiots, but there are several good roleplaying guilds on both Alliance and Horde.

If you want to roll a Hordie on BWR you’re welcome to join my guild, The Inner Circle. We’re only just starting to take off now (we have about 27 members, but I’m very selective about who I take and we have a no-leetspeak-in-guild-chat rule). We’re medium RP in that we encourage in-character guild chat, and will be having in-character guild meetings, but we don’t have “storylines.”


I just got my T4 shoulders last night

(Bolding mine.)

Heh. Usually, in my experience, that means that they cuss in guild chat, do “that’s so gay” jokes, talk/brag about/fantasize about chicks, etc.

You’ve got to get yourself into instances, they are a lot of fun, challenging, and drop great loot.

Don’t be too anxious, just learn your roles and tell people if you’ve never been to a specific place before. A good group will explain a boss encounter to you. A bad group will let you get nuked by the boss’s special surprise ability and then yell at you for it.

There are a few things you’ll need to know if you are going to group successfully. The one thing is this: N E V E R ninja. That is to say, never loot an item that can’t be traded if you are not cleared to do so. That means make sure that everyone in the party agrees on how to handle BOP loot. The standard procedure is to PASS on BOP and then roll manually after everyone has passed. Of course, you are not entitled to roll on something you cannot use unless no one can use it. Then, everyone rolls. It can sold or DE’ed. If you are in a party where someone ninjas, have them booted or leave yourself. NEVER continue to play with a ninja. Report them to their GL and your GL and NEVER group with them again. Ever. It’s that serious. Some people will run an instance over 100 times just for a single drop. You don’t want to ninja that item. I’ve been on raids where long-term guild members have been insta-booted from the guild for ninja’ing. Even when it was a mistake. Always be on the lookout for ninja-like behavior or actions. Leave a party if you think someone is a ninja.

Another fundamental principle is agro control. Know your role with regard to agro, it’s essential.

Also, just because you are new to instances doesn’t mean you have to put up with crap. If you are being rushed though an instance by some Rambo-type who won’t explain anything and who yells at people, just leave. Know when to leave a party. And, know when a party is doomed.

Other than that, have fun!

I don’t think anyone much answered this question.

Role-playing is where you play your character like it was a real person in a real world, not as that you’re some person sitting at a computer. It can add a lot to the game since it gives you a chance to follow out stories, relationships, etc. where otherwise all you would have to do is kill more polygon monsters and say “Ding” every couple of days.

Lightweights. I’ll be working on Teron Gorefiend tonight.

(yeah I have too much time on my hands).

I hear RP server cities are hotbeds for retarded kids cybersexing each other in character. I had no idea anything like that went down, but from what I hear, it’s just silly how common it is. Made me want to stay far away from any RP servers.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

The above is just nonsense.

I read about it on a thread on the wow forums (why I went there for a while, I don’t know - it’s more retarded than jerry springer) but there were dozens of posts about how certain places on RP servers would be flooded with stripped night elf females and people standing very close whispering to each other…

Maybe it’s not as common as I’ve painted it to be, but it’s certainly not an unknown phoenominon.

(Also, Teron Gorefiend down as of about 20 minutes ago. Server first. If I did it on an RP server, I’d probably get all the chicks. Well, the 14 year old guys pretending to be chicks.)