World Series Broadcast in 246 Countries. True? If so Why?

During game 4 tonight, the Fox guys claimed the World Series was broadcast in 246 countries and territories. I’m not sure how many countries and territories there are in all, but I would guess that 246 is close to darn near everywhere.

If this is true, why? I wouldn’t imagine that many people in England would want to watch the series, let alone people in Tonga or the Sudan. (I can see broadcasts to Latin America, Japan, and places with a US military presence)

Perhaps they just mean that you can pick it up anywhere with some fancy satellite gizmos that the average person wouldn’t have. “246 countries” makes it sound like a bigger deal globally than I would imagine it really is.

“Available by cable or satelite” I think would be closer to the truth. Not literally broadcast.

On free to air here we see about 20 seconds of highlights per day, of this Final series of 7 games. We never see other games.

I didn’t catch the comment, where they referring to TV only? 'Cause I have a hard time buying that, too. Now if they include radio, I wouldn’t be surprised if many countries could pick it up. And if it’s being sent over short wave radios, they are still very common in many places.

How many of those 246 are territories, and not countries themselves?

I think the real question here is what do they mean by broadcast? If they mean that at least one known TV in that country has the game on (say, via satellite), then the 246 number is easily believable. If they mean broadcast over the air waves and receivable by antenna, I have a harder time believing that, but it ain’t impossible.

I’m not sure if he actually used the word “broadcast” but it seemed pretty clear he wasn’t talking about radio. Maybe someone else heard the quote and can clarify.

Similar statements are made about the Super Bowl, someone might want to track down those threads.

I know most important sporting events are broadcast to foreign military bases. they could be counting these.

Wikipedia lists 243 countries, territories, and “areas of special sovereignty”.

Sounds like typical Fox self-publicity - find the largest number they can, increase it a big, and voila. And all it means is that there’s satellites bouncing the signal down across the entire planet. It doesn’t tell us anything at all about how many people actually watch it.

Take this list, divide the UK into its constituent parts, and we’ve found one way to get to the 246 figure.

Game 4 is being screen on cable in Australia tonight. Fox Sports 2 @ 7:30 pm. I suspect that it will be screened on the Fox cable service in most places.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that many people wil watch it - not many Brits or Australians are very interested in baseball.

Ahh - tonight’s match is getting broadcast free-to-air. In the depths of the night.

As GorillaMan notes above, UK channel five (officially in poncy lower case) shows baseball live throughout the season but with the time difference the game is always on during the dead of night. I watch it quite often because of my insomnia. They also show American football and soccer games, as well as Brazilian soccer. The viewing figures cannot be very high.

It’s even poncier - it’s just five. :rolleyes: