World Series of Poker - 2013 Thread

In case anyone is interested, the 2013 WSoP event has started! 62 Bracelets are up for grabs. A Summary of the events (7 weeks worth) is here

Event 1, as per custom is the Casino Employees event, started earlier today.

Event 2, is a $5K No limit Hold’m, 8 handed is the first open event. Michael Phelps continues is fame-whoring tour by playing in this event. Apparently he is going to play in several of the 62 events and most likely the main event.

Why does it bother you Phelps is playing? Rio’s not for 3 years (assuming he even competes).

A few slightly interesting links to tournament news:

Event 6 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Millionaire Maker

Wins Event No. 6 ($1,198,780)

Tom Schneider Wins Second Bracelet of the Summer

Erick Lindgren Wins an Event

Michael Moore (not that one) wins an event:

Won the final hand with 10 4. Maybe that will be his Brunson hand.

$111,111 Buy-in One Drop tournament as started.

166 entrants yields a $17 MM prize pool with first place worth more than $4.8 MM.

Vanessa Selbst Off To Strong Start In $111,111 One Drop High Roller

Jun 26, 2013


I watched some of the featured table of the OneDrop event last night. On ESPN3. The final four resumes this afternoon with Antonio Esfandiari at the table.

If he wins back to back, it would be an incredible accomplishment.

Didn’t the first One Drop event have a buy-in of $1,000,000?
Is there going to be another one of those?

I think the plan is to bring back the Million Dollar buy-in back next year.

This year the buy-in was $111,111.

Last year they limited the One Drop to 48 players but in last night commentary, they said they could have sold more seats. But as they originally advertised the tournament as limited to 48 players they did not take any more entries.

This year, they had 166 players.

And they re-started the final table: within the first 10 hands:

Esfandiari goes all-in with pocket 8, and gets called with A9o and an ACE hits the river. Antonio is out.

Doyle Brunson sighting.

Among the remaining 78 players on day 3 of the $50K buy-in poker players championship.

Many well known names still in it, including the leader, David Benyamine.

The Player’s Championship has ONLY well-known players. 50k is a lot of $$.

Damn…too busy to notice that most of the events have come and gone. Mark my words, I will find my way over there to play some of those $1k and $1.5k events next year.

Main event kicks off today (Sat., July 6)

Greg Merson, Defending Main Event Champ, was one of 584 players who played in Day 1A and advanced to Day 2

In total, 943 players payed 10K to play, 2011 Champ Pius Heinz was one of the 359 players that busted on Day 1A.

Doyle Brunson again!!

One comment:

One thing I like to follow in the Main Event is the progress of past winners.

Noticed “Jesus” is the most recent champ not listed. Is he not playing?

My understanding is that Ferguson has kept a very low profile since Black Friday.