World Trade Center Memorial chosen: "Reflecting Absence"

The final design for the World Trade Center Site Memorial has been chosen, and it is called Reflecting Absence. According to the website home page, “The renderings, animations and descriptions do not reflect significant changes made to the design, which will be unveiled next week.” However, you can at least get an idea of what it might look like and what the experience will be like from the page I have linked:

I think this design is very appropriate – understated but meaningful. Also, it’s a very thoughtful design, and includes a place for family members of WTC victims only:

I’m impressed and pleased that a design was chosen that manages to convey the tragedy and the meaning of the site without being overdone or “in your face.”

You can go to this page and see the other finalists for the design of the site. What do you think? Would you have chosen the same one? One of the other finalists? Something completely different?

Yeah, it seems to me that that’s the best one. Although the proposal I really liked (I saw it in July 2002) isn’t listed.

I think, if I understand the concept correctly, its a wonderful and understated way to memorialize the tragedy without turning it into simple cliche. Hopefully it will turn out to be a piece that can provide introspection and healing for those who lost someone on that horrible day.