World War Z Movie?

From the BBC is an article about Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in a “bidding war” to make a movie based on the Max Brook novel World War Z.

I have never heard of this book. Can anyone tell me if its a good read?

Obvious joke I must make: With Pitt or DiCaprio, those are going to be some very disappointed brain-craving zombies. :smiley:

The damn thing ain’t even out yet!

Oh geez. :smack: I looked it up on Amazon earlier and didn’t notice the Availability statement. Isn’t it kinda dumb to plan a movie on a book that hasn’t seen the light of day yet?

One would presume they have seen prerelease galleys or something.

I don’t know much about this book, but his Zombie Survival Guide is good fun and a steady seller…

Well, The Zombie Survival Guide was pretty clever; the “historical” section in particular showed some imagination (and of course, Max Brooks’ dad, Mel Brooks, is no slouch either). That book inspired me to buy a crowbar to keep in the truck. (I’ve got swords, etc. at home, but those might get a cop upset if I kept them in my vehicle.)

I don’t do business with Amazon because of their publicly-expressed contempt for their customers’ privacy. Let’s see. . . here it is at Barnes & Noble. I may actually pre-order this.