World's most remote post box

Does anyone know where the world’s most remote post box is? By this I mean an official box exclusively for posting (not receiving) mail, which is the furthest from any other post box or post office. And by “official”, I mean specially manufactured, installed, and used by a country’s regular postal system, not a mailroom in a business, nor a drop-box for a courier company like UPS, DHL, or FedEx.

Well there’s one at Everest Base Camp in Tibet. It takes at least a day to get there from the nearest town.

I once posted a letter in the Yukon, (in a reg post office), which was specifically to be transported south, several hundreds of miles, by dog team, but not really what you’re asking, I know.

Are you considering a mail box outside a post office building? If so there may be some rather remote mail boxes in Alaska. There was once one outside the post office in Bethel, 498 miles from Anchorage. There is probably one in Unalaska which is 811 miles from Anchorage.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking for.

Define “remote”, I guess.

Tristan da Cunha - it has a full service post office and is the “most remote inhabited island in the world”.

I did, in the original post: furthest from any other post box or post office. I’m interested in hearing about, say, a lonely post box in the middle of a desert, or at the top of a mountain, or some such.

Well, judging from the photos on that site, their post box is about ten metres from the post office, which isn’t particularly remote.

I’m going with Port Lockroy in Antarctica. We stopped there on our trip to Antarctica in 2005 and were able to mail a few post cards home and get our passports stamped (It’s a penguin!).