Worlds of Ultima games - free at GoG

Good 'Ol Games - - is holding their summer sale starting today (6/19). Every day they’re discounting a couple of games based on reader votes. Link

But! The Real News is that they’re giving away two Ultima games, spinoff of the series, that see The Avatar exploring a Lost-World-esque jungle in The Savage Empire and a proto-steampunk Mars in Martian Dreams.

I never played either of these games back in the day, but I’ve long wished for them. I adore Jules Verne and Rider Haggard so I’m really looking forward to trying them. GoG is an excellent online service dedicated to bringing back old favorite games that aren’t published anymore. There’s no DRM on the games. They set them up so that they’ll play on modern computers. These games were originally published in the early 90’s on the Ultima 6 engine.

Here are the games’ requirements:

And here’s a little more about each of the games.

Savage Empire:

Martian Dreams

I’ve wanted to play these since I walked out of Sam’s Club with my newly minted Ultima VI.