Worldwide destruction predicted for September 30th.

While idly clicking away on the 'Net, I chanced upon a story the mainstream media is trying to keep secret. Due to the rare “black moon” phenomenon, the world faces annhilation. Expect the second coming of Jesus Christ on September 30, at least in Europe and America — due to time-zone differences, East Asia will not be subject to the Black Moon.

Black moon is a rare astronomical event that occurs less than four times per decade on average; we haven’t suffered one since 2014. The linked page shows other strange recent coincidences linked to the Final Days; for example two “weather-girls” had major wardrobe malfunctions during the same dance, UFOs may be spying on the space station, etc.

Demonstrating objectivity the page does offer a rebuttal from an atheistic cult:

Yeah, sure.

Wait, didn’t the world already end back in 2012?

They haven’t finished the paperwork.

What! The world can’t end in 2 days, I’ve not finished redecorating the bathroom!

Why did they wait until now to warn us?

So…Giant Meteor 2016 is five weeks early?

If you guys had blasted the Moon out of the sky, like I told you to, we wouldn’t be having this problem.

I’m going to just go ahead and pre-emptively declare every day The End of the World.

Deep Breath Doooooooooooooooooooooomed!

A real bummer for the Cubbies! They have waited so long to win the World Series.

…from 1969

Lip-synced from 1969…
(Most TV shows preferred this rather than take a chance on a flubbed performance.)

Another apocalypse?

I think I’ve survived more than the average Roland Emmerich set extra now.

Did you know that the world blew up last week, and the government decided not to tell the stupid people because…


(hats off to Steve Martin and cues up some R.E.M.)


Thank you. I needed that laugh.

The world will not be destroyed on september 30.

The election is November 8.

Lucky escape for Clinton if it did

Four times per decade doesn’t sound all that rare. I go to the dentist less frequently than that.

Luke Cage is coming out on September 30, the world isn’t allowed to end until I’ve finished watching it.