Worried about meds.

So, I take Daytrana patches for my ADHD. I’m down to my last patch.

A guy from my pharmacy said on Monday he got more ordered, and should arrive Thursday, but no guarantee. What do I do if it doesn’t come?

Contact your prescribing physician for their recommendations as how to deal with being off the med unintentionally. Said physician is your best resource in this regard, knowing your history, dosage, and other medication intake.

Withdrawal from the patch is less likely to cause significant problems than withdrawal from methylphenidate in oral form, however. The biggest concern is generally depression, but that takes more than a day or three to develop.

But your mileage may vary, so address this with your prescriber.

QtM, MD (and yes, I have detoxed people from stimulants before. More than once. A lot more.)

But what are the chances of it coming?u

How could we possibly know that?

There’s no way for anyone on this board to know the answer to that.

After tomorrow, when I have my last half patch, I have some expired half-patches. What do I do?

I don’t wanna go without it for a whole weekend.

Ask your prescribing practitioner what to do. They’ll know the answer far better than random internet posters, even when they’re physicians like I am.

Not with details this patchy.

I called Wal-Marts around my area, and one has 2boxes , and the other has one box.

I need 3 boxes.

What if they dont’ have it by tomorrow?

Qadgop told you want to do. Call your doctor. I know you’re panicking but s/he’s your best resource here.

Also, halve your vegetable intake.

OK, I laughed, but probably not appropriate for a thread by a new user who has a fairly urgent medical issue.

You’ll survive. Withdrawal from methylphenidate (especially the topical form) is rarely health or life-threatening.

Any reason you won’t contact the prescriber for advice?

If you normally get this med through a Wal-Mart pharmacy, your usual location should be able to work it out internally that you can go to one of the other locations that has some and get a partial fill to ensure you don’t run out, then get the rest when the shipment arrives at your usual pharmacy.

You’ve already done their legwork to find where the stuff is, so their job of calling the other location will be that much easier.

I still live with my parents because of a brain injury.

My mom said he’ll probably call tomorrow.

From experience going without plain Ritalin and similar medications, OP may be extra sleepy and hungry. Driving might require caution. But nothing too scary should happen.

Since this is asking for medical advice it should go to IMHO but Dr QtM already gave the only real answer already. No need to keep this open. Call your doctor.