Worse then a Junior Mod- the wanna-be Mod Police!

[snarky, persnickity, indignant, frisky, indignant, newbie-poster, wannabe-junior-mod hat on]

Sorry, can’t think of anything dfunny to say, carry on…

Oh, wait! No… still can’t. Sorry.
[/snarky, persnickity, indignant, frisky, indignant,newbie-poster, wannabe-junior-mod hat off]

I don’t know, that was pretty dfunny.

Do the mods really need a comedian / advocate, or are they capable of discussing and explaining their own actions?

Feel someone, mod or not, is being treated unfairly? Step up to the plate and state your case. All this thread seems to say is “the moderators should be beyond reproach.”

For the record, I’ve criticized a moderator exactly one time. That was yesterday, and I still feel it was justified. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Not at all. I think it is a reaction to the extreme amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth over relatively minor moderator missteps (and they may well have been missteps) that is sometimes evident in these threads.

Honestly, the kind of minor rudeness or mistake that most of us would just shrug in real life often seems to lead some people into frothing fits on message boards.

Waverly, the sorting hat is having a problem placing you. Are you in the frisky corner or the persnickity corner?

We’ve got to decide quickly. The Snarky corner has got real firepower DavidB, Uke and UncleBeer. Eutychus keeps trying out, but he can’t pass the Test of Powerhunger. If I were you, I’d watch out for Uke Ike-- he’s a sniper Snark, the deadliest snark in town. And if we’re not careful, the King of Snark, Manhattan, may show up. If that happens, us persnickiters are gonna be toast!

Ahhhh… toasted persnicketers, we used to make those around the campfire in my boy-scout days.

Oh, I’m nearly always frisky. But for our purposes here, I’m probably a Supercilious Smart-aleck. Is that a category?

Lib said

and Uke quipped

I don’t believe you! You missed your chance to re-tell the old “Rabbi, Brooklyn, cuts-on-the-bias” joke.


A-HA! So now we come down to it, don’t we?

Aye! And now I must plead that you avert your eyes! Save your sight while you can.