Worse then a Junior Mod- the wanna-be Mod Police!

[loud TV announcer] SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!

Come watch as the same people piss and moan over every Mod action that they could have done better. Watch the knashing of teeth, tearing of hair and flinging of insipid cliches as the same people perpetually find fault with the Mods’ decisions. A Mod dressed down a dimwit, or used a naughty word-- the Horrors! Watch the SDMB be rescued right before your eyes by the very paragons of virtue themselves!

Enjoy the nitro-charged fun as our all-knowing moral betters correct the Mods to the one true path. Share in the wisdom of the ages from these true titans of the earth. Watch as the same pathetic grudges get played out over and over and over. Marvel at the pathetic attempts at snarkiness. Enjoy the complete lack of life exhibited. Watch the victimology express roll over TEN SCHOOLBUSES SET ON FIRE!


Feel the burn, baby:




And that is just scratching the surface. (1)

Also, as noted in one of these threads:

footnote 1. While the Mods certainly are not perfect, some people here seem to have permanent hard-ons or superiority complexes. For the inevitable foaming at the mouth posters who will come looking to insult me- please at least be original about it. You will be graded for originality, venom and wit.


But where will this all end elf? The mods are snarky to the posters, then the members get all persnickity with the mods and then other members get indignant at the members who are persnickity to the snarky mods. Soon there will be people in here getting frisky with the member who got indignant with the members who got persnickity with the mods who got snarky.

The answer is clear. Caged match!

Whar’s the beef?

Why in the cage with you, DavidB and a tiger.

Who want’s to get frisky with me?

I will, but something tells me you’re not interested. :wink:

If we can get Till Lindemann involved, then I’ll give it a go.

Hmmmmmmmmm…frisky with Homebrew. Will there be beer afterwards? During maybe? :wink:

Why, I have no problem with David B. We are best pals.

He is right. I am wrong. He has always been right. I have always been wrong. He was born right. I was born wrong. When he wakes up tomorrow, he will wake up the right way. I will wake up tomorrow the wrong way. He eats right, farts right, and pees exactly the right way. Me, I eat eat incorrectly, fart the wrong way, and for some reason always pee on my head. He knows how to debate. All I do is bellow. His logic is sound. Mine is not even valid. He speaks words of wisdom. All that I say is folly. He is a handsome man. I have served prison time for my face. He is a moderator. I am only a member. He is immune to abuse. I am not.

But don’t you think a cage, some beef and a tiger will be a great equalizer?

Motherfucker, that was YOU in the next toilet stall, wasn’t it? I’m sending you my dry-cleaner bill.

Lib is officially at Code Orange.

So the “a” thread is useful afterall. :wink:

Of course there will be beer!

:o Oh my! And beer too. :smiley:

No, no, no! That’s not how you do it. You have to yell and curse at each other to get the potential audience riled up for them to see you on the undercard on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!

*Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner wearing non-coersive trunks, Libertarian the headpisser . . . (yells and cheers from the crowd)

In this corner, wearing a sweater vest and tweed jacket, Ukulele Ike the Moderator . . . (boos and chants of Nazi)*

Now, I would definitely watch that if it were on Pay-per-View.

Sorry, Uke. I dropped my funnel.

Lib, you really shouldn’t be eating pastries whilst in the can.

Nonsense. I can’t be the only one who avails himself of all those free Baby Ruth bars.

At Harvard they teach us not to pee on our crullers.