Worse travelling companion: Deanna Troi or Movie!Legolas?

Due to extremely complicated and entirely contrived circumstances I’m too lazy to type out, the Earth is in danger of destruction, and it’s up to you to save it. Prophecy and all that shit. You’ll be leading a team of eight on this quest; this will include folks like She-Hulk, Angus MacGuyver, Parker from Leverage, Dr. Johnny Fever, and so on – but for complicated and contrived reasons I am also to lazy to expand upon, one of your companions must be either Deanna Troi or Movie!Legolas, and you are not allowed to murder, gag, sedate, murder, abandon to be eaten by wolves or murder either one, no matter how much stupidly obvious crap they spout. In fact, whichever you choose will be spending a lot of the down time sitting beside you at dinner.

Whom do you choose as your final companion, and why? Put another way, who’s more annoying, the Betazoid or the Elf?

I pretty much AM Deanna Troi, so I’ve got to go with the elf. At least he’s my preferred gender of eye candy, and he does have actual useful skills, like, excellent eyesight and, um, give me a minute…how much snowboarding is this mission going to call for?

I would choose to travel with Troi. A lot less annoying glaring. At least Troi smiles sometimes.

Legolas is light on his feet and fast. I guess they’re both pretty useful, but I don’t think of Troi as a quick mover.

Do we have another psychic? If not, take 'em both.

Parker and She Hulk are already there for my sexual needs, so I’ll bring the Elf. Troi can watch from afar and text us to say she feels hostility. Legolas can shoot us down some dinner, too.

Legolas is only annoying on a meta-level. All the ridiculous stunts like surfing on a shield while shooting orcs, or single handedly killing one of the oliphaunts, annoys me as a movie viewer, because it breaks my suspension of disbelief. But if I were a character in the movie, I’d be all in favor of him being stupidly effective at killing bad guys.

Deanna Troi is annoying in universe. “Captain, I’m sensing that the aliens who just blew up our starboard nacelle are hostile!” Thanks, Troi! I think we all picked up on that! Why don’t you head on down to engineering and stuff yourself into a torpedo tube while the people who know how to do useful things handle the situation?

I don’t think I would phrase it quite that way to either one of them. Parker will stab you in the neck with a rusty spoon. And Jenny Walters–

:: shudders ::

I don’t like to think about it. Except to urge you to call her Ms Walters, ma’am.

The torpedo tubes are not in Engineering. Engineering is where they keep the ENGINES.

I have directed a Jude Law model comfort bot to bring you a coffee and give you a backrub, as you appear to have lost your goddamn mind.

You always like Miller best. pout

You know you’re special to me. I have deposited $785,854,471.12 cents in your account, and comfortbots only cost $2000 an hour. The catalog will be in your teleport pad as soon as you turn it back on.

(You DO keep the teleport pad off except when expecting packages, right? Because bombs and shit.)

If Troi tells She Hulk what I’m thinking about her, I’ll be one dead Sefton. And it won’t be death by snu-snu, either.

Legolas by a mile.

What do you mean you are Deanna Troi? :confused:

Legolas is cool. He would have a seemingly endless supply of tales of valor and elvish lore.
If I wanted to spend time with Troi I would just borrow a copy of Barclay’s holographic Troi.

“The Hobbit” Legolas or “LOTR” Legolas? I’m OK with LOTR Legolas, but Hobbit Legolas was pretty damned racist.

I’ll take Legolas. LotR shows he knows his place in a team and can come in handy.

Deanna Troi would not only be useless to me, she’d be a hindrance.

Legolas is hot and has useful skills. No question that it’s him.

I’m a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus!

BTW, on Enterprise, Engineering is where they keep the engineers. And the warp core. The engines are out in the nacelles.

Bloody Useless Cow: “I’m sensing hostility.”

Gonna get a lot of mileage out of this line in this thread.

Legolas was not in the Hobbit cartoon from the 90s. If you’re talking about the live-action movies directed by Peter Jackson

:: pauses to ritually spit ::

I’m sure we can all agree that those movies were all a mass hallucination brought on by too much mustard before bedtime. A shared nightmare sent by Mephistopheles to break our spirits, causing us all to despair of God’s goodness and in so doing damn ourselves to Hell. In short, no such movies were ever made.

She’d be wrong.

I have no hostility, I just have no use for her.

I’m a fucking [del]black[/del] er, “Grey” Sorcerer. If I have She-Hulk, Legolas, Johnny Fever and a few others, what skills does she legitimately bring to the table that I can’t get from myself or the rest of the team?

A knowledge of rare chocolates from around the galaxy. Other then that I’m not sure. But if you’re going up against a dessert monster…