Worse travelling companion: Deanna Troi or Movie!Legolas?

I’m going with Deanna. Both are annoying conversationalists, but at least we can enjoy chocolate sundaes together.

Or anyone whose body language befuddles you.

Empathetic to a useless fault, big boobs. She has better hair, though.

That’s better.

Of course! Jeezopete! ONE TIME you forget to turn off the teleport pad and the boss never lets you forget about it. And those meerkats were totally asking for it, anyway.

Pretty sure I’ve got the chocolate thing covered.

Well, as long as it is dark chocolate. You throw a white chocolate dessert monster at me and I’m using magic to change it’s nature.

As someone who’s only seen 2 or 3 episodes of ST:NG, I can relish the hotness without knowing why she’s so hated. Legolas, on the other hand, has a stick up his ass. A vote for Troi.

:: shrugs ::

Don’t make no never mind to me. It’s YOUR house. You want filled with hundreds of meerkats again, that’s on you.

:: leafs though grimoire, finds appropriate page, bookmarks it, throws book at Chimera’s face ::

Page 314,159,268. Says in no uncertain language not to use magic directly on white chocolate. Always backfires. That’s how Hermione Granger died.

I will need you to rephrase this post in the form of a wisecrack.

I always figured her real purpose was “I detect horney-ness!” Kneels, sound of velco opening, moist noises…

Shoulder blades are not clavicles. Shoulder blades are scapulae. Clavicles are collarbones.

But, in the FUTURE … :dubious:

Is that a GoT spoiler? :mad:

You’ll pay for pointing out my senior moment. As Rule 7 prohibits me from murdering women, I have directed the Blueberry Pelting Department to pelt you with blueberries. Blueberry PIES.

Are … are you suggesting that I watch Game of Thrones?

Because you are NOT a woman. And there’s plenty of stab-bots in the stabbing practice room, practicing their stabbing, and they’re all ready to be deployed.

If I’m going to sit next to this team member at dinner on a regular basis, I want to sit with the person who will have the juiciest gossip about the others. Legolas is out, bring on Troi.

Ah – the Giants!

I keep vacillating. And not in the good way. I like Troi’s eye candy and can always keep the ear buds in. But then Legolas can kill stuff for me. But then Troi can be a shield and sacrificed with no loss. Anyway, if I’m this bad at making decisions, the mission’s probably going to fail anyway - so I might as well go out with a bang!

Then I guess we’ll just ensure that She-Hulk is hungry, eh? :wink:

I’ll go with Deanna. There may be a situation where she could crash the Enterprise’s saucer section into the bad guy.

As the leader, I’ll just assign 'Leg ‘o Lamb’ and the rest of the team to the Earth-saving task while Parker and I just chill. Don’t call us, we’ll call you…

I’m just glad we didn’t get stuck with Scrappy Doo this time.

Besides, the two together provide … leverage.

In a fight, Legolas isn’t completely useless- he may actually manage to kill some of the enemy.

Meanwhile, Troi’s psychic "powers "come down to telling us that she senses hostility from the aliens who are firing photon torpedoes at us (“Thanks loads, genius!”).

So, I’d bring Legolas along with me, but would bring along a DVD of The Wicked Lady, for fun.

P.S. If you take Troi, her freaking MOTHER might show up!!! Too risky. Her Mom is even more annoying than she is, and somehow thinks people want to see her naked.