Worst (best?) essay titles

I’m in the middle of researching/writing an essay to be entitled, “‘They just fade away:’ the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion and the caudillist approach to Hispanic historiography”.

I had one in an English class once entitled “Queen Blanche: the drag self-portrait in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Academicians! Let’s see your best attempts. Remember: genuine!

Winner gets a year’s subscription to Theoretical Critiques of Critical Theory.

Well, I almost called my master’s thesis “How to Sleep Your Way To the Top and Deceive People,” but I was afraid the dreaded Office of Graduate Studies wouldn’t approve. So I settled for the less intriguing but more descriptive “Courtship, Seduction, and Politics in Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy.”

My brother picked Formula 1 car aerodynamics for a research project on his Physics degree. He titled it ‘Cars, Curves, and Kitty Litter’. :slight_smile:
Actually, his tutor made him change the title before he submitted it. Chiz!!

I was prone to odd, colon-studded titles in my Western Civ courses. Let’s see now, which ones spring first to mind…

Couer de la Cour: A Study of the Fall of Romance and the Rise of Courtly Love in Arthurian Legend

Damned if You Don’t: A Critical Comparison of Inferno and Canterbury Tales, with Reference to Laxatives

The Mystery Cult of Christ: If They Say They are not Mithraeans, They are Full of Bull

Yes, I actually handed in papers under these titles. It’s a good thing my professors had quirky senses of humor–I actually made decent grades.

I was always giving weird titles to my papers, nobody ever seemed to mind (and sometimes I was complimented on them). The only one I can recall off the top of my head was:

“ERIC and LISA Sitting in a Tree…”

This was in lib school when I had to compare and contrast two education citation databases (ERIC is by far the better known of the two).

I’ll have to look through some of them when I get home (I remember I had a good one from a paper on Ranganathan, mortal idol of librarians).

In high school I turned in a short story called “Two Cocks and a Kitty Cat” that went without mention, and got a good grade.

Hmm…for one timed essay, the topic was injustice in some novel, and my title was “Liberty and Injustice for All.”

It’s not too genuine, but the teacher like it. Yay.

Well, I am currently writing an essay (though I’ve already been graded on the outline) for my Traditions in Film Narratives class. It’s on Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil, and is entitled “Blue Skies, Golden Samurais, and Red Tape”.
Another title of mine that I liked was for an essay on Charlie Chaplin and the beginning of the star system in Hollywood. It was called “From Humble Beginnings To The City Lights and Easy Street”.
Also, I’m pretty fond of my essay that was in Teemings entitled “The Teletubbies of the Apocalypse”.