Worst Clothing Item Ever . . .

. . . or at least in my lifetime.
When I saw this I nearly retched. Are there really people out there who want to wear something like that? Leper/burn victim is the new trend, huh?

Got a worse one? What is the absolute worst item of clothing you’ve seen in your lifetime. Let’s leave out extreme corset of bygone days, or one-offs like the Lady Gaga Meat dress. I’m looking for things that somebody actually thought we might wear.

All I see is a bit of overcooked pork rind (crackling), and now I’m really bloody hungry. :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime either.

It’s not that people actually want to wear such shit, it’s that the production houses bring out such shit each season, and the silly amongst us think that since we’ve been told that everyone else wants to wear such shit that we need to do so too, just in case we get left behind as fashion retards.

Now, take for example low-slung jeans: I rest my case! :smiley:

There’s still classic wear. If you don’t want to look like a bit of roast pork, there’s always a pair of Levis and a white T-Shirt…hasn’t been ‘out’ of fashion now for half a century or more.

I pretty much love Diane Keaton, but as the photo says, WTF?

The Low Crotch Jean has got to be pretty close to the top of the list.

I saw this in the Miss Sixty store. No amount of convincing by the sales dude could make me think these were anything other than hideous. Just what I want in a pant - to make me look like I shit myself.

ETA – Oooo - here’s a link with an actual girl in the pants:http://www.thefashionpolice.net/2009/07/miss-sixty-drop-crotch-jeans-sorry-carrot-fit.html


Oh god, the diaper load pants. They sell those as leggings too.

I won’t say it’s the worse I’ve ever seen, but this is horrendous. Even at a rodeo it would be odd, but that store is targeted at urban hipsters.

Mmmm… cracklings.

Of all the shit out there, you’re going to pick on low-rise jeans? :wink:

They are my personal jesus BTW. I am not shaped anything like any pair of higher-waisted jeans I have ever encountered, there’s so much space in the waistband of those things you can see way more than you do when I’m sitting down in my low-rise jeans. I hope they never, ever go out. Low-rise +spandex is my only hope unless I want to get everything tailored.

Those leggings seem like the perfect foundation for an awesome mummy costume. I wonder if they make a matching long-sleeve T-shirt?


…with 9 Tana leaves strategically placed no doubt.

Women who wear pants that are much too small and tight on them, creating a horrific muffin top.

Why? Why?

<blink, blink> I turned classic hourglass figure with puberty, first thing my mom taught me to do was tailor my pants in at the waist. It really isn’t difficult. You don’t need to pay someone to do it if you have a basic sewing machine[not one of those expensive sweet bebus 3 million different stitches kind, just a basicone will do.]

Sure, you *can *do it. Off the top of my head though, I can think of about eight hundred things I’d rather spend my time doing than sewing. FYI, that list includes things like “going to the dentist” and “having my annual performance review”.

Bravo to the DIYers, but it’s not for everyone.

Yes. This is it, this is the answer. Oh, and their siblings, the cropped harem pants.


She’s wearing a saggy diaper that leaks.

Or: When I was a kid playing dressup, we’d sometimes wear one of my mom’s old sweatshirts as pants, with our legs through the sleeves and the neckhole as the crotch. This kinda looks like that.

I find it telling that that was posted in 2009 and in two years, that look has somehow managed to not taken the fashion world by storm.

I hate those pants with the “cute” words on the ass. Especially if worn by an eight year old. They force the eyes to travel there, and then innocent bystanders catch themselves looking at someone’s ass.

That was going to be one of choices - I work with a couple of women who look like this every day (without being nearly as scrupulous as having their shirts tucked in - I’ve seen waaaaaaay too much of these girls’ buttcracks).

I will also nominate what is sure to be a perennial favourite in this type of discussion - crocs.

Alice, those are some of the worst pants I have ever seen. Ever.

You were a trendsetter and didn’t even know it.

What the hell are these?: http://couture.zappos.com/n/p/p/7614547/c/35658.html

I wish I had an hourglass figure… My main curve is my ass (without the normal amount of hips and thighs that would match it) and it makes everything fit wonky. My mom is a sewing maniac and used to tailor my pants for me, but it never worked very well for a multitude of reasons (the fact that I hate having visible darts and adjusted pockets which always looked kinda dorky, the type of shirts I like to wear [not long ones], my body proportions, etc). When I can buy low-rise stretch jeans off the rack that work quite well without alterations, I’ve never seen the point of buying ill-fitting ones to tailor.

I would love to contribute here, but I can’t possibly top those low crotch cropped jeans.

The hanging crotch jeans would be the worst even if they weren’t far and away the most expensive, but that price is insult added to injury.