Worst Clothing Item Ever . . .

I do have some pants, not jeans, that are cut an inch below the natural waist, but they do not create the muffin top effect; they make the hip area look a bit less…hippy.

Possibly an attempt at making gladiator sandals look more elegant but not quite succeeding.



hideous evidence of a diseased mind? Ah, yes, that must be it.

OK, yeah, the low crotch is horrendous. (Seriously horrendous.) But will people worry that you are contagious? I mean, they’ll be concerned about contamination, sure, but contagion is IMHO the gold standard here.


Strapless wedding dresses that show off the bride’s backfat.

OMG, yes. Do they not stop to realize that through the entire ceremony everyone will be looking at their backs? I always try to rememebr to say this when the wedding dress advice threads come up, but I seldom remember.

everyday kilts on men in the US. Worst idea ever.

Now this I can’t agree with. :cool: It’s like miniskirts though, the salesfolks should really be honest with the people buying them. . .

How about men in miniskirts?

I am a 20-something “fashion person” (though not hugely so) and I can appreciate some of the items you are so disgusted by.

Re: the leggings in the OP. Now don’t get me wrong, I hate leggings, but as far as leggings go, I don’t really have a problem with those. They may be ugly out of context, but put into an earthy/boho/waifish/distressed outfit, they woud hardly even stand out. It would just be a bit of texture. Like this but with earthtones.

Drop crotch pants are harder to defend, especially the jeans. But it seems like they are a reaction to the previous uber-tight, too-short everything trend. We’re into balman sleeves now, oversized tops and baggy mens’ pants on women. The drop crotch is an extension of that. Definitely not a closet staple or anything you’d wear a couple years from now, but I would consider buying them (cheaply!) because I get bored of regular old pants. It’s a completely different silhouette to play with. The jeans are a hard sell for me, especially on women. But some Sartorialistas have been rocking the non-denim harem pants.

The sandals are just plain cute. They’re tough and utilitarian-looking (though admittedly there is no true function behind the design, but I have a soft-spot for shoes that look specifically designed for ass-kicking). Plus they add visual weight to one’s feet in an outfit.

Also, there is just something admirable about someone finding something totally unconventional and controversial, styling it impeccably and with good proportions, and then wearing it with complete confidence. Context is everything. Here is my attempt to create SDMB’s “most hated” outfit: I don’t think it’s that bad. I would have included some distressed leggings. But leggings and below-knee shorts? That would be a fashion crime in my book.

Your post kind of misses the mark on many fronts that I won’t get into; however, the pants in that link are an order of magnitude better than the Miss Sixty ones I posted.

In fact the outfit you created was kind of fine/meh as well - I mean it looks a bit sloppy but not particularly hideous or particularly fashion forward either.


Lad \y Gaga’s “meatdress”-I’ll bet it was popular with stray dogs!
Years ago, Cindy Lauper got the award for “worst-dressed woman”-anybody know if she still looks like a homeless ex-mental patient?

What about those extreme corsets from bygone days?

No, this lady has taken the crown: (Anna Piaggi - Former Editor of Vogue Italia)

Well, I did say that denim drop-crotch pants are harder to defend, especially considering they are more commonly made for men. I just wanted to point out that I’ve seen harem pants work in some instances.

And as far as the outfit you didn’t like (at at the risk of being defensive), I was just trying to show that drop crotch pants could be part of “a look”, one made up of basics, in fact, so that the pants were the most interesting part of the outfit. If you were looking for a polished, put-together ensemble consisting of drop crotch pants, then yes, I do that that would be pretty tough because drop crotch pants weren’t meant to be worn that way.

Maybe you’ll have better luck finding dropped crotches in action at lookbook.

See here:


Check out those fly collars! Ugh!

That’s not in style now - but it sure was back in the day. When we were kids, my brother rocked shirts like that with striped bell bottom pants and a blond afro.

I think just being out of style doesn’t make clothing inherently bad.

To use the drop crotch jeans as an example again - truly bad clothing flatters no one, regardless of era or body type.
Like these little numbers. Perfect for blending in to a set of drapes. Or being a set of drapes.

double knit disaster

Those clothes look silly on 75 pound size zeroes - now imagine them on a more realistic size 14 woman.

Looks more like she’s taken the clown :stuck_out_tongue: