Worst DVD Ever?

Did any British Dopers shell out money for the original version of Starship Troopers? It was on a TWO SIDED DISC Yep, half the film on one side, half on the other. Talk about sucking donut holes.

The thing with Goodfellas is that it’s an ancient DVD, one of the first. It was released way back on August 22, 1997, five years ago. So it’s understandable that it sucks. What’s inexcusable is that they haven’t re-released it.

Don’t worry, it’s been semi-officially announced that a GoodFellas special edition is coming out soon (no cites, sorry, but it might be at www.thedigitalbits.com).

The picture quality is good, and I still like the movie, but the cast/crew commentary on Dogma is the most pointless thing I’ve ever heard. I never thought I’d have sympathy for Ben Affleck, but the poor guy keeps trying to steer Kevin Smith and the rest by asking things like, “So, Kevin, how did you do this shot?” The rest of it is Kevin Smith pointing out times when he made the camera move (because he’s accused of never doing so), drooling over how talented Jason Lee is, and tempting us with references to stuff that’s actually interesting but never gets talked about (conflicts with Linda Fiorentino, funny improv on the train by Matt Damon, etc.). There are about three consecutive funny minutes on the entire track, at the end of the train scene: Jason Mewes wakes up from his haze to shout “Silennn Blim! Got my back!” and Ben Affleck explains why Bartleby shouts “I’ll get you for this, Schuyler Bop!”

On the second disk, Kevin Smith and Scott MOsier

  • unexpectedly cut themselves off. Oh, wait, that was me. They introduce a bunch of scenes that were cut from the movie. It didn’t give me greater respect for Kevin Smith as a director because he cut those scenes - it reduced my respect for him because he ever thought those scenes could work as written and actually put actors through the paces of filming them.

Again, I still love the movie, but I should have just stuck with my VHS.

Hey! I was going to nominate that one!

BTW - I recomend that nobody actually follow Popsicle’s advice and actually try to procure the DVD.

It would be far wiser of you just to send the $5 to me and consider your money lost that way.

Jackie Chan’s Spiritual Kung Fu.

No, seriously. I’d seen the movie before, and it was a riot; at one point he gets the crap kicked out of him by a bunch of whiteface ghosts in tutus. Truly bizarre, late-night, hysterical stuff.

So, I find the DVD for, I think, five bucks. Yay! I bring it home, get a few friends together, and pop it in.

It was fullscreen. But not pan-and-scan. They basically took the middle part of a widescreen original, and slapped it on the disc. There were entire conversations where you were literally watching a completely empty bit of scenery, because the actors happened to be offscreen at the time.

It made a bizarre and baffling, but funny film almost completely incomprehensible.

And even funnier.

For you guys that mentioned Seven and Terminator 2–I’m guessing you’re outside the U.S./Canada? Maybe these never made it outside of Region 1, but both films do now in fact have 2-disc special editions out, and they’re both really good.

Hell, there’s like 800 different version of Terminator 2… the regular edition, the Special Edition, the Very Special Edition, the Super Special Edition, the Super-Duper Special Edition, the Director’s Cut, the Super Director’s Cut, the Deluxe Director’s Cut, the Super Deluxe Director’s Cut… etc. etc. etc…

Not only was there No trailer, no featurettes, no anything. Just the movie, but it has to be the worst transfer I have ever seen. The entire screen shakes ever so slightly thru the entire movie. It is really noticable when it is just white words on the black background. There are also ALOT of compression artifacts thru the whole thing.

Wait until you see it with dubbed Japanese. :eek:

I’ve watched three Jackie Chan movies this week with Japanese dubbing, although I think there was the “original” English on SAP (but the TV that came with my apartment doesn’t support SAP :().

Thought of another one. My copy of Basic Instict has severe issues. No extras at all, to start with. It’s a double-sided disc, with widescreen on one side and full-screen on the other. Well, the widescreen doesn’t look great, since it’s not anamorphic. But the fullscreen looks even worse, like they just blew up the widescreen, making every pixel twice as big. It’s just ugly, especially for a mainstream movie.

But I think they have re-released this one in a special collector’s edition. So not a problem anymore.

Carnivore. A coworker loaned this to me and I could only make it through five minutes or so. The acting, directing, sound, production, effects and picture were all really bad. To be fair, there are actually a handful of reviewers at IMDb who love the flick because it is so bad.

A good indication of exactly how bad this film really was is found at the IMDb site (linked above) where absolutely none of the cast or crew has any listing for another film.

There’s one DVD version of His Girl Friday that is completely unwatchable because it looks like they transferred it directly from someone’s tape of a broadcast on late night cable. I might as well have been listening to a radio play.

Nothing in comparison to some of the problems mentioned here, but I’m annoyed with the copy of The Searchers I bought. It’s supposed to have the widescreen version on one side of the disc and the fullscreen version on the other. Naturally, I put in the widescreen. Unfortunately, I see the fullscreen. Thinking I made have put the disc in upside down, I flip it and try again. Several flips finally convince me there is no widescreen version on either side.

Sorry to continue the highjack but Henry Hill was on Howard Stern two months ago saying he’d just finished recording a commentary track with Pescii and Scrosese for the special edition. His comentary track alone would make the DVD worth buying.

I have a Night of the Living Dead DVD. The “Classic Collector’s Edition” from the Platinum Disc Corporation. The only special feature is a short article about the history of the film. The worst part, though, is the logo that occasionally pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. WTF? This is a DVD, not the Sci-Fi Channel. When I’m watching zombies chow down on brains, I do not need to be reminded that I’m watching a “Platinum DVD.”

I’m not sure that I’d call it the “worst ever,” but Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is pretty damn bad. A movie where production design is half the fun only comes in pan and scan? And what’s with that commentary? It’s all “Ewww, I wore THAT?!?” and “I had a crush on you.” Who cares? Tell us about making the movie.

I got the Charade DVD for X-Mas from some distant relative, and I have no idea where she got it, but you wanna talk about bare bones: it doesn’t even have a menu - press “menu” and you get the “International No” symbol<!> Just put it in and it starts playing. Full screen only. Nothing on the other side. It’s like someone burned a giant AVI onto CD with an autorun.inf. But it has the actual cover art on the box, and the DVD doesn’t look like a bootleg. It must just be really, really old.

Oddly enough, though, the quality ain’t that bad.

…and the radio station is 690 miles away. I got this one for five bucks.Hey,cheaper than renting.

The worst one I got was Withnail and I . Pan and scan , muddy dialogue track and no subtitles-those accents were a little thick for a Canucklehead like me to understand. For years I thought Withnail was yelling “Strumpets!” at the schoolgirls. Bought the Criterion about 9 minutes after it was released.
PS-What’s a ‘scrubber’?