Worst DVD Ever?

So, since Meet the Feebles was poor quality, should I hold off on adding Dead/Alive to my DVD collection also? I was looking at picking that one up.

“I had a crush on you”?! Hilarity ensues

There are two versions of the Willy Wonka 25th anniversary DVD: 1 Full Frame, and 1 Widescreen.

‘Scrubber’ is another word for ‘slapper’ or ‘tart’ or somesuch. Mild insult, directed at girls only. (most of the time)

I can’t believe you had trouble with the accents in Withnail & I. They are all very clear Middle English and Scottish, certainly not the worst by a long way.
(with the exception of the drug dealer guy (Danny) in the apartment who does mumble a lot). How did you fare with Trainspotting?

Withnail & I is one of my favourite films, and just so quotable.
“…I demand to have some booze…”
“…I must have something’s flesh!..”
“…What fucker said that?..”

But saying that, I’ll give you the DVD is ‘rather lacking’, by modern standards.

It is open mat not pan and scan you nit! They just removed the bars Also the disc has a pretty good collection of extras. I hardily disagree with you as the picture and sound restoration are also pretty damned good. When I think of a crappy DVD I see one where the Image, sound and extras are all sub par.
This DVD did not come close to those categories.

Oh and I’ll put my nomination as the Night of the Living dead 30th Anniversery Edition. Changes that were not required or even warrented. Horrible soundtrack.

Thanks for the glossary. Told you the dialogue was muddy:D I had the most trouble with I’s narration. Sotto voce mumblemumblefuck. No problem now with the Criterion edition!
I have “Monty, you terrible c**** !” as my shutdown wav. Much to the astonishment of household guests when checking their emails.:wink:

I have that one. I was disappointed, but knew that I paid a low price for it. Criterion, I heard, had a good wide-screen version, but it was expensive.

A few months ago I saw another version of Charade, “Wide Screemn”, but inexpensive. I bought it, but it was Full Screen. This one gets my vote for “Worst DVD” because of false advertising. I took it back.

Recently I have boiught another version of Charade on DVD. It is Waidescreen, and the price tag is lower than the Criterion version.

Thanks for the info CalMeacham - I looked around on Amazon - I see the way-too-expensive Criterion one, I see mine (Laserlight Video), and I see one from Madacy Entertainment - is that the “worst” one, or is that the good one?

I got disappointed by one of my favorites,Amazon Women on the Moon. It was just the movie no extras. The part that really bites is, I’ve seen it on regular local TV and they had extra clips that the DVD didn’t. Grrr.

I thought Henry Hill was in the Witness Relocation Program. What’s he doing recording DVD commentaries and going on Howard Stern’s radio show?

Dead/Alive is pretty decent quality, not perfect, but about average, and it is anamorphic widescreen. Trimark hinted they might release the longer extended version (I’ve never seen it, but it’s been released in Region 2 and reviews say it has a few minutes more sick humor and more blood and gore than the U.S. unrated version) in the future.

Maybe all the people who could once have ordered his death, are now dead themselves.