Worst Food You've Ever Seen Ordered?

I was at the local donut shop one morning about a year ago, and the lad behind me in line ordered a “Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, and put that on a glazed donut”. I almost had my coffee come out of my nose. He washed it down with a Mt. Dew. Ick.


Er, I mean . . . this would probably sound worse in the a.m. . . .back to topic at hand, worst food I’ve ever seen ordered. Okay, it was lobster lasagne. I like lobster; I like lasagne. The combination though sounded terrible to me.

I was with some people at a chinese restaurant and we were all sharing the dishes around. I was the only one who balked at the idea of eating barbecued oysters and thus was the only one who wasn’t sick for the whole next week.

Easily the worst was tripe soup. I tried a bite. Ugh. Awful, awful, awful.

I love trying weird new foods from the Asian grocery store. I usually like them, but once I bought a packet of jellyfish (in a large, heavy-duty foil pouch-type container, like a Capri Sun juice pouch), and it was the grossest thing ever. Then again, what was I thinking? It was JELLYFISH.

A co-worker (vietnamese) had a party which I attended once, and served barbequed oysters. They were pretty good. What’s your objection to them? That they were cooked at all? Or just bbq’d?

At the party, about half the oysters consumed were raw, the rest bbqd. It wasn’t like they were slathering bbq sauce on them or anything…


They’re not food; they’re a member of the phlegm family.

I get odd looks when I ask for a side of mayo for my french fries.

Oh, Rich Mann. Fresh, sweet oysters, grilled in the shell until bubbling hot, dipped in garlic butter (also heating on the grill) and then wolfed down? Call that my favorite 4th of July memory. The grill was on a sandy beach. Sunset. Oysters. Garlic butter. Beer. I don’t think heaven could be that good.

To answer the OP: I was at a hotel once, early in the morning, blearily fixing myself something to eat from the “free continental breakfast” provided by the establishment. I sat down next to a stranger with my toast and coffee. She had a bowl of corn flakes and a paper cup of orange juice. Then she poured the orange juice onto her corn flakes, and I did a double-take. She noticed and laughed, and I blushed and went back to minding my own business.

Not as gross as the OP’s experience, but still.

My sister and I went to lunch at the deli. She ordered peanut butter on toasted wheat with pickles and olives on the sandwich. This was, of course, a perfectly normal sandwich to us, as it was something we ate growing up. When it was delivered to the table, the waitress stood there watching. We noticed that the cook had come out of the kitchen to watch, too. The waitress said, “We just wanna see if you’re actually going to eat that.”

In my hometown Japanese resturant, I saw someone get lobster tail sashimi.

Oh, did I mention that they served it in the lobster’s tail, while the still live lobster kinda thrashed around on his back?

I had to face the other way. I’m sorry, I can’t imagine having my food watching me eat it.

I think we have a winner right there. My ex used to do that and she forced me to try it. One of the nastiest things I’ve ever eaten.

Mayo belongs with fries like pickle relish belongs in deviled eggs (something disgusting my current wife made me try)

I was once in a restaurant with a small group of people in Little Italy and one of the group, an Italian-american guy, insisted I try the “sheep’s head”. Now, I had heard of a fish called a sheep’s head so I thought, well, I’m not a lover of fish but this guy must know his stuff.

Wrong. The plate that was placed in front of me contained a half a sheep’s head, sawn down the middle, complete with eyeball, brain, and tongue. When the guy who suggested it saw that I was taking my time deciding how to approach it, he happily got stuck in, starting by slurping down the eyeball. Bleurgh.

LOL, I was served that about 30 years ago…i told the waitress to take it back and cook it…or wire it to the plate to keep it there - it had scrabbled around and fell off the plate :frowning:

Mayo and chips is a completely normal and lovely combo. You Yanks are weird.

Not all of us! Mmmmm…mayo and french fries

I had a lovely dinner out on Sunday, and they provided very slightly dijon flavoured mayo for dipping. Lovely. Their herbed fries and some mayo… drool.

My ex used to butter sausages. He explained that valuable grease was lost in the cooking process, and needed to be replaced with butter.

While on vacation last week, I watched a man take a bowl full of chocolate chip mint ice cream up to the sundae fixins bar. Did he cover it in hot fudge, sprinkles, maybe some caramel and whipped cream? No, he did not.

What he did was smother with nothing but pineapple chunks. Unfrickingreal.

Well, that sounds more natural for a dessert than ketchup.

Don’t ask.

What’s weird is using “chocolate chip mint” ice-cream as the base for your sundae. Other than that, pineapple chunks make a good topping.

I remember when one of the few all night eateries closed in Baltimore several years ago (a place called “the buttery”).

They were talking to one of the staff in the paper and she said she’d miss the guy who would come in at 2:00 in the morning and order a chocolate donut with a slice of american cheese on it and then eat it with a fork.