Worst moderation on the net

I just logged in for the very last time to write a goodbye speech.

I joined to respond to an existing thread. This thread then became quite extensive due to some debate and moderator insults. The moderators et al kept threatening to close it. I suppose the culture here is to always toe the line when it comes to established beliefs and understandings so there was naturally a tendency to pile on. Eventually the thread was closed with a moderator comment that such a thread shouldn’t happen again.

I consider this reprehensible to close a thread when shouting down dissenting beliefs isn’t effective so I immedeately logged out with the intention of never logging in again.

But lastnight I had a little extra time so I thought I’d ask Cecil Adams what his opinion was. No doubt his moderators think a lot like he does but I have great respect for Cecil Adams unlike hios moderators. I wanted a shot at hearing his opinion since in his extensive research he may have formed an opinion even if a nascent one.

Just for asking the question the thread was closed. I even specifically said I wasn’t going to argue any points and merely wanted any opinions that were supplied. I was given a warning.

Need I even tell the moderators what they can do with the “notification” I have.

I won’t be back and won’t log in again barring an apology.

Bye then.

I’m sorry.

Door, ass, etc.

Thanks for your thread.
– from all the stinky footed bumpkins.

Now I’m off to look for the seltzer water that built the pyramids. It was one of the most interesting theories I’ve seen in some time.

So, who was that anyway?

It happens. The aliens don’t like the moderation here either, that’s why you never see them post anything.

Apologies are not visible unless you log in. Catch-22.

And remember, being Cecil means never having to say you’re sorry.

No, you can read the Board without logging in. You just can’t post.

Aw Claddy, don’t go away mad. Come back for more abuse, then go away.

So long.

Yes, yes, you’re the lone misunderstood genius whose ideas are just so RADICAL and MIND-BLOWING that we poor sheeple are just too terrified to allow them to exist.

Or, just possible, you’re just another in a long, long line of one-trick ponies who are incapable of talking about anything other than your particular pet lunatic fringe theory. This is not a forum for that sort of nonsense.

Also, you never said a single word about wanting Cecil’s opinion.

Before you go, you should connect up with handsome harry. He’s a lot like you but chooses to stick around.

Damn it, I said I was sorry.

Don’t make me beg.

No, no.

You must log in, wait three seconds, then hit the “Search” button. Enter “Did Cecil Apologize Yet?” (case sensitive), start the search, then wait for a loud whooshing noise, upon which clap a hand to your temple, like this: :smack:

I would say that I was going to miss you, but I don’t know you at all and will not miss you one little tiny bit. Come back?

The funny thing here is that, by “ask Cecil Adams,” he means, “start a thread in General Questions.” He is, it would seem, under the impression that Cecil personally answers all questions in that forum.

Since this is about moderation, let’s move it to ATMB.

Alas, now we shall never hear his hypothesis of the faked moon landing, who killed JFK, and whether Jimmy Hoffa is alive and well in Belize.

All because we can never make new friends.

Our loss, really.

That’s easy, QuickSilver. Hoffa killed JFK because JFK found out the Hoffa faked the moon landing. Hoffa then tried to flee to Belize, but was found in Detroit, and shortly thereafter became what is commonly referred to now as a “McRib.” That’s why the sandwich is only brought out at certain intervals before being retired again; they’re almost out of “fresh” Hoffa, and the Illuminati supplies them with cloned samples of Hoffameat.