Worst/most awkward sex scene in a movie

Everyone always talks about the good sex scenes in movies, but what about the bad?

A friend of mine just recently gave me the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner, which happens to be the only version I’ve seen, but this was my first time to actually own it and read the back. There’s a bit where it mentions how, in this version, among other things, Ridley Scott plays up the “romance” between Dekard and the chick. But upon watching it, their supposed “love scene” comes off very awkward. In fact, I would say it’s about a hairs breadth away from a rape scene. Not very romantic in my book.

Anyone else have examples of a rather awkward, or just downright disturbing sex scene from a movie you’ve seen?

Well if you want disturbing, look no further than Blue Velvet.

But are you looking for intentionally awkward (i.e. the characters don’t mesh) or uninitentionally awkward (i.e. the actors have zilch chemistry)?

Harrison Ford and What’s-Her-Name jerking each other off in the car in Random Hearts.

Ever seen Straw Dogs?

Jeff Goldblum and some woman in The Tall Guy (about a musical version of The Elephant Man). They basically trash the kitchen. It’s hilarious. :smiley:

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I always thought the Billy Baldwin/Jennifer Jason Leigh scene on top of the fire truck in Backdraft was too weird for words.

It was Emma Thompson, and that scene is one of the best sex scenes on film.

Worst include Richard Benjamin’s “How about a little roll in the hay” scenes in Diary of a Mad Housewife, but they’re supposed to be bad.

Ted Danson and Whoopie Goldberg in Made in America. Looked more like a bar fight…

The one in Starship Troopers; I wasn’t watching the movie with my grampa, but he was in the room and looked at the screen at exactly the wrong time :).

The front-seat-of-the-car scene in The Ice Storm, but that’s intentional.

For likely-unintentional bad, I would second the scene from Random Hearts. Oy, what a piece of crap movie that was.

“Damage” aka “Fatale” (1992) starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, contains laughably awful, awkward sex scenes between the two leads, who patently don’t want to be doing what they’re doing. Which is a shame since the plot hinges on them being irresisitibly attracted to one another.

“Lone Star” (1996) contains an excruciatingly unattractive, awkward, poorly shot love scene between Chris Cooper and Liz Pena which really dents an otherwise ambitious and largely successful movie.

There was something completely unappealing about the “love” scene in The Name of the Rose. Probably the squalor factor.

But the “implied” love scene in “Yes, Giorgio” between Luciano Pavarotti and Kathryn Harrold.

If anyone has actually seen this classic, please expound. I only know what the film reviewer said about it 20 years ago.

I don’t remember the name of the film, but it starred Dolph Lundgren as a photographer, I think. He has a sex scene in a shower with this chick, and it was damn near painful to watch. Zero chemistry. Zero. I felt sorry for the poor girl, because Dolph looked like he’d rather be kissing a dead skunk.

I thought the fire hoses looked really soft and comfortable, but we knew that what happened next was going to happen. Notice how in the movies people never worry about privacy? No, no one will happen by while we’re doing this - yee-hah!

And Billy Baldwin - eeeewwww!

Apparently Sean Young didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, either.

I may be in the minority, but I don’t think that was supposed to be a ‘love scene.’ At best it was a ‘make me feel alive’ scene, in a somewhat more literal way than usual. Part of the reason that ‘I love her, even though she’s not human’ doesn’t work for me as the central message of the film. (It WAS the central theme of BGC: Moonlight Rambler, but that’s something else again) At most, near the end, Deckard identified with her, but not much more than that.

Unfortunately my hard drive tragically exploded before I could bring it up in the relative thread a couple of weeks ago, but, ah, well.

I can think of one or two other ‘bad on purpose’ examples (Griffith and Charlotte’s ‘rape or not?’ from the soon to be released Berserk anime probably topping the list, assuming we’re leaving out the ISOYG category) but nothing accidental. A bunch that weren’t particularly arousing, but nothing that grabs me as terrible.

‘It’s just part of being an actress. That Jodie Whatshername did it, remember?”

Ned Beatty gets some prison style lovin’ in Deliverence. “Squeal little piggy”. :eek:

Clearly the worst IMHO.


I really find the scene between Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy to be painful to watch. It just goes on for too long, and no one seems happy.

I can’t believe that after 16 posts I got to mention the pool sex scene between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle McLachlan in “Showgirls.” It was hilarously bad. Some of the scenes mentioned to this point were the height of artistic erotica by comparison.

Try Joe Don Baker and Linda Evans in “Mitchell”. Ugh. There’s a part where someone’s (I think it’s Joe Don’s, but it could be Linda’s as well) foot surfaces from the blankets and hooks a six pack by the ring with the big toe.

And then, you spot the bottle of gulp BABY OIL beside the bed.