Worst movie you've seen this year?

I just rented The Singing Detective. What a big steaming pile of Dull that was. It is definitely tied with Donnie Darko for the worst movie I’ve seen this year.

What is your worst?

Open Water - nothing happened.

Gothika. Great big steaming pile.

Followed closely by Dreamcatcher (I saw it in February). The book was bad, the movie was worse.

The Chronicles of Riddick

I don’t remember when I saw Dreamcatcher (but I think it was last year), it is the worst movie I have ever seen.

According to IMDB and my vote history page, the worst movie I’ve seen this year is The Whole Ten Yards.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore

It just went on and on, all the characters were unlikeable and nothing really happened.

Van Helsing. :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

Pitch Black It appeared to be a really bad rip off of Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom Series written by a totally talentles hack. Ugh…

The Village. Not only the worst movie I’ve seen this year, possibly the worst movie I’ve ever paid to see in a theater.


Dreamcatcher comes in at a close second, with Resident Evil: Apocalypse in third place.

I’ve walked out on only one movie this year (so far), so I guess that would qualify as the worst: The Manchurian Candidate.

I rented Soul Plane this weekend.

It was the worst kind of bad movie - so bad, it isn’t even possible to have fun mocking it.


Rented Moulin Rouge a couple of months ago. I was visually delighted but just about gagged on the music and Nicole Kidman’s dog-toy-like squeaking. We ended up watching it with the sound off. Interestingly, we could still follow the plot with no problems, which only highlights how obvious it was.

The remake of Punisher.


Dodgeball. I wasn’t expecting very much, but I didn’t even get that.

I don’t go to movies very often because they usually disappoint me.

Thunderbirds. Quite obviously made by people with no knowledge of, respect for or affection for the original series and everything that made it wonderful, watchable and enjoyable. I would have loved for this to be a great movie, but it was horrible. Why didn’t they just go up to Gerry Anderson and spit in his face, then get all the original episodes and cremate them? It would have expressed all the same senitments but cost a lot less. No-one in the world needed or wanted a lame, banal pseudo-‘Spy Kids’ piece of trash, but that’s what they served up. I was pleased that it did so poorly at the box office.

Van Helsing was pretty dire too. A comment I heard at the time was that the movie was trying to *bludgeon * the audience into being impressed or liking it, and that just about sums it up. It was just a cacophany of excesses, one smash-bang-wallop sequence after another, screaming ‘Look how much money we spent! Look at the FX work!’. And all for nothing. The first rule for any director hasn’t changed since movies were invented: find a good story worth telling, and tell it well. Van Helsing managed neither of these tasks.

The Day After Tomorrow, and I actually paid to go see it.

This might have been last year as well, not sure, but “Taking Lives” … Not only did the movie stink to high heaven, but the advertise Kiefer in it, durring the best Live-action Drama show ever (24), and he is a minor minor character for less than 5 minutes!!! oh, and did I mention that the plot didnt really go anywhere?

Also, Suspect Zero was dropped halfway if you ask me. SO much more they could have done there, but they about face… I guess Moss was looking too much like Scully for anyone’s own good.
If I didn’t Already know the ending, or have a huge hint on the ending, The Village would have been better. But then, I also saw that the same exact day I saw Bourne Supremeacy, so no comparision.

Without a doubt, it was definitely The Punisher. Who knew it was the audience getting punished?

AVP by far.