Worst opening line of song lyrics

Buying groceries yesterday and the insipid strains of England Dan and John Ford Coley’s “Really Like to See You Tonight” leached out of the P.A.

Their oh-so-cazsh* opening line “Hello, yeah, it’s been a while/Not much, how about you” made me think - ok - are there really any other song lyric openings that are total and complete ass, like that one?

If you think so - have at it.

*could never figure out the diminutive for “casual”.

I love that opening line.

And the song too, actually.

ETA: I hope this isn’t regarded as thread shitting. In a sort of reverse manner.

^ I’ll back you up, Leaffan; the real bad line is “I’m not talkin’ ‘bout movin’ in…” had no idea for years what they were sayin’.

The opening line is no worse that ELO’s, “Telephone Line.”

I just listened to it, and it still sounds like “meridian”.

Agreed, though I like the ELO song better.


Interestingly, that’s the EXACT song that leapt to my mind. Probably because of the similarity of the words in the lines.

How about “Jeremiah was a bullfrog”? I like the song, but the first verse is kind of stupid.

I don’t understand why there’s confusion regarding “I’m not talking 'bout moving in.” It’s been blatantly obvious to me forever.

Now, those warm winds blowing the stars around is another issue. ������

For some reason when I was a kid I heard it through crappy PA speakers as “I’m not talkin’ 'bout religion”.

Though I’m not exactly excoriating about it - the Beatles getting all quotidian with “Friiiiiii-day morning at niiiiiiiiine o’clock, as the day begins.” didn’t really smack of…something or other…to me.

“Goodbye to you my trusted friend.”
Terry Jacks.
“Seasons in the Sun”
Just a little lachrymose, perhaps.

Indeed, the warm wind and blowing stars needed to be liquid papered out of existence.

Yeah, but you say, “…talkin’ 'boot movin’ in.” :smiley:

Dang - that should be “Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock…”:smack:

Anna Sun, that shit song from that shit band…

Screen falling off the door door hanging off the hinges my
Feet are still sore my back is on the fringes
We tore up the walls we slept on couches
We lifted this house we lifted this house

What Crap!

Love, love me do…

[ducks and runs]

Muskrat, muskrat candlelight…

“I saw her today/I saw her face”

“Needles and Pins”

Bit of an in medias res-sounding affectation for my liking.

“We Built this City”

I love Styx, and will sing along to the entire Paradise Theatre album, but the first words of its first song, “A.D. 1928”, are a little weird.

“Tonight’s the night we’ll make history, as sure as dogs can fly…”

Um, what?

With those scofflaws, I’ll go with “Laaaaayy-deee, when you’re with me I’m smiiii-liiiiiiiiiing…”

Not the biggest burn, but Steve Miller’s “Some people call me the Space Cowboy” from “The Joker” is annoying “look at what I’ve done” self-referencing.

Wow - it’s coming to me in a torrent of something-given wonder…

“Luh-uuuhvin yoooouuuuu, is easy 'cause you’re beautiful…”
And no, it’s not just the way it’s sung (I’m doing that simply to hammer home the grossness) - it is the lyrics too.