Worst place for a hurricane to hit?

Not that there’s any particularly good place for one to hit, I realize.

But what area of the Gulf of Mexico combines laying right on the shore, low elevation, large population, lack of evacuation routes and shoddy construction in just the right proportion to make even a tropical storm a certain disaster? New Orleans at least is a few miles inland, but what about Galveston, Cancun, even Havana?

In other words, if you were going to draw a bullseye, where would you put it?

New Orleans is the worst one in the U.S. A Cat 4 or 5 hurricane to New Orleans was ranked as the #1 or #2 natural disaster threat to the U.S. by disaster experts over the past 15 years or so. I am susre you can see why now. Katrina wasn’t even a direct strike on New Orleans and it still made the former disaster title holder, Andrew, look like a rainshower in terms of cost and devastation.

Galveston still holds the title for largest loss of life for a hurricane but that was over 100 years ago and things have changed.

Carribean islands like St. Croix have gotten nailed hard (Hugo). I am sure that parts of Mexico aren’t that well equipped to handle a huge storm.

“But what area of the Gulf of Mexico combines …”
Why limit answers to the Gulf?
I’d imagine that a category 5 sweeping into Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy would create an awesome storm surge. Even without a hurricane to max things out, the region experiences 10 meter tides.

Yes, but the chances of a Cat 5 hitting Nova Scotia are about the same as one hitting Chicago. I don’t think anything above a Cat 2 has ever hit land that far north.

thankfully the water around n.s. is a bit cold for a big hurricane. i have a bell ringing (in my head) that hurricane michael hit near n.s. not too long ago.

any place that has a large population, billions in some sort of hard to replace stuff (oil rigs, space shuttles, etc), and a low sea level is a bad place.

i just looked him up. he hit newfoundland not nova scotia. and oct.??? michael should have known it gets cold up there in oct.


A major storm hitting Tampa Bay is considered the second biggest hurricane disaster that is waiting to happen (besides New Orleans). I’ve read that if a storm hit at high tide many important buildings would be underwater along with downtown area. My university just released this study saying that a 25 foot storm surge would be created:

[Tampa Bay could be hit by 25-foot storm surge in Category 4 hurricane](http://


If the state is devastated by a Category 5 Hurricane, it will take much longer than 5 days for help to arrive here. People would be on their own for quite some time before receiving assistance. We are completely cut off by the Pacific Ocean. We wouldn’t be able to just fly out of here, either. Who knows how long it would take to repair the airports? It would takes weeks for ships to arrive with food and water and other supplies.

Waikiki is built on a swamp, and the entire area will flood. I’m on the seventh floor, and I hope that’s high enough and that the buildings aren’t swept out to sea.

We learned recently, too, that we are short about 130 shelters, and that the ones we have are woefully inadequate.