Worst Punishment for a Hip Hop Fan

Remember me? I posted the thread about Rap being versatile…and I said how I love to bump the music in my car.
Those days are over atleast for the next few weeks. My car is “sick” and I wont have the money to fix it until nearly June.
Anyway now I ride to school with a pretty cool guy who owns this huge truck and I bet you could guess what he plays…Country Music. I thought I played my rap music loud he plays his country as high as it will go and he pulls up to school with his speakers blaring and then we pretty much go are seperate ways (None of the same classes) until the end of the day…so this Friday we were coming home from school and he didn’t have the stereo on and I’m singing a song about a freakin BBQ stain that got stuck in my head and he looks at me and says “I got you”.
Atleast now I have to admit appreciating Country but if he ever has to ride in my car I’ll have him singing the hooks to 10 diiferent rap songs atleast.

Ewwww… don’t make him listen to rap! Rap is the complete oppisite of country, so please don’t make him listen to it. Listening to rap when you don’t care for it at all is pure torture to your ears.

I am actually good in English. Just something about the computer that turns me lazy.* OUR*

Wait…I thought “sick” was good. I’ll never figure out you kids and your crazy slang!

It’s one of those words with more than one meaning…like the word “BAD”.

And to “shake your booty” is to wiggle one’s butt. Allow me to demonstrate.