Worst quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

I’m thinking this contest comes down to Trent Dilfer and the Washington Redskins’ Mark Rypien. Who’s your vote?

Either of the ones playing in the latest Superbowl.

Um, Zen, this ain’t the Self-Esteem Bowl; I think only one of them was allowed to win. :wink:

Snoop, why would you say Mark Rypien?? He was the MVP of SB 26, throwing 18 of 33 for 292 yards. Is your question “Who is the worst career QB to win the Super Bowl?” or “What winning QB had the worst performance in the SB?”

If it’s the latter, I agree on Dilfer (who sagely predicted last week that the Ravens would be the first team to “win the Super Bowl in spite of their QB”). But his career isn’t over, so we don’t know if he’s a flash in the pan just yet.

If you’re asking for the worst career QB, I might agree with Rypien or go with another Redskin, Doug Williams (SB 22), who was also SB MVP but had no career before or after. Closely followed by Jeff Hostetler in SB25.

Even superstar QB’s had bad SB’s: Johnny Unitas was 3 of 9 with 2 INTs in SB5 (and taken out late in the first half); Terry Bradshaw only threw for 84 yards in SB9; and the peak of SB irrelevancy, Bob Griese in SB7 was 8 of 11 for 69 yards and an INT (he was 6 of 7 for I think 63 yards in SB6).

Without a doubt, it’s Dillhole. I can’t think of a less-inspired Super Bowl performance by a QB. But he suits the Ravens’ playing style…he doesn’t make too many mistakes or try anything flashy, so the Ravens rarely give up costly turnovers.

Yay Ravens!! I am SOOOO hung over right now!!!

I think we are all overlooking Stan Humphries. He rightly deserves mention near the top of this list.

Oooo…I had forgotten Humphries. Perhaps he should get it then. Of course, Rypien was bad too. So was Doug Williams, for that matter.

However, I have to give it to Dilfer. I know they won, but he missed a LOT of easy passes. I know with the Ravens D it doesn’t matter, but still…he’s not a good quarterback. (Sorry Dave!)

Did Stan Humphries actually WIN the Super Bowl though? I know he was in it when the Chargers got crushed (hard to believe the Chargers even IN the Super Bowl though after their last few years) but am I forgetting another SB where he was the winning QB?

As I read the question, the OP was asking for the worst career QB to have won a Super Bowl. I’d go along with Rypien over Doug Williams, because Doug actually had some success prior to that SB win, bringing Tampa Bay to the playoffs when they were perennial losers.

Rypien, however, didn’t amount to much aside from that one Super Bowl season. Still, though, he had a better career than fellow Redskin Super Bowl star Timmy Smith! :wink:

Rypien’s career stats. Career rating of 78.9. Good, but not great.

             Att    Comp      Pct     Yds    TD    Int
Joe Namath: 3762    1886     50.1   27663   173    220

Bob Griese: 3429    1926     56.2   25092   192    172

I couldn’t find anything on Mark van Eeghen, the quarterback for the Raiders for Super Bowl XI.

That’s because he played running back. Ken “The Snake” Stabler was the QB.

Yes, Dilfer is the worst, IMHO. But, give the guy credit, he was better than Daunte Culpepper two weeks ago against the Giants. I don’t know the overall stat comparisons, but he did this: made two big passes, one for a TD when overrated Sehorn was toasted, and another to Ismail to set up a field goal for a 10-0 lead.

The real wonder is if anybody has fared as poorly as Kerry Collins as a Super Bowl QB. He broke the interception record by repeatedly throwing strikes to the Ravens secondary. I swear, as many as nine of his passes could have been intercepted.

A lot of people also think this was the worst Super Bowl ever, what with the lack of offense and all the punting (a record amount of punts in a SB.) It wasn’t the worst. At least it stayed close over half the game. A few other Super Bowls were blowouts by halftime.

Just to clarify, my question did not deal with best or worst Super Bowl performance.

What I meant was, of all the quarterbacks who have ever won the Super Bowl, which one would you least prefer to lead your team?

Is there even a doubt? Trent Dilfer, hands down.

As to worst SB ever, XXXV takes the price–at least among the seven I have watched.

I interpret the question to mean the worst quarterback in general, not the worst quarterback in that one game.

  1. Trent Dilfer
  2. Mark Rypien
  3. Doug Williams
  4. Jeff Hostetler
  5. Earl Morrall
  6. Joe Theismann
  7. Jim Plunkett

The worst ever to START in a Super Bowl (but not win it)?

  1. David Woodley
  2. Joe Kapp
  3. Stan Humphries

Now, IF you judge “worst” QB purely by how he performed in one SUper Bowl, I think Craig Morton and TOny Eason are very pleased right now, because Kerry Collins has erased all memories of their lame play. Collins set a new standard for lousy performance in the SUper Bowl.

        -Astorian, HEartbroken Giants fan

Minor correction, Clucky: Collins only tied the interception record with four, a feat of futility matched by 3 other SB QB’s:

Craig Morton, Denver (vs. Dallas, 1978)
Jim Kelly, Buffalo (vs. Washington, 1992)
Drew Bledsoe, New England (vs. Green Bay, 1997)

I can’t believe that no one’s mentioned Jim McMahon of the Bears. He was a sorry excuse for a quarterback. And at least he had Willie Gault to throw to.